Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Name is MUD

In my last post I was trying to guilt trip my neighbors into hosting sleep-overs... when last night they had great reasons NOT to have a sleep-over.

The Cub scouts had an activity today- that started at 6:00 am so they wanted their boys to goto bed early. My son#2 didn't want to go this year- so we didn't push it. I didn't sign him up, and we went on with life. I completely forgot about the activity....

So here, I'm the lame-o mom having a sleep-over when half the boys can't sleep over! Soooo sorry Martha and Crash if that made your life harder last night.

Just thought I had better clear that up. Also- the sleep-over went well and I got some "helpers" today with cleaning.. :0) So it was "win-win". (Can you tell I'm trying to develop 7 habits of Effective people?)

I am also trying to be a "flybaby" so I am NOT going to be side-tracked by the computer today.


Amanda said...

What good is it having internet back if yo're not going to get side tracked?!?!

uh oh, verifier: bratil translated as brat IL, does that make me the brat in-law or you? :)

Martha said...

S had a great time at the sleep over. It was good that she had an activity to go to since she's not a cub scout. So thanks.

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