Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

Well my gals came over today and we spent ALL DAY making these fabric houses. (Again- I love this template here.) Excuse the messy table behind my adorable "garage" for my sons cars.

Inside is adorable as well... ( the whole time I was sewing I just couldn't stop saying, "this is so adorable!" "look how adorable"... etc.. I think Anjeny was ready to put duct tape over my mouth. ACTUALLY- I threaten to record the whole process.. because you should hear the verbal abuse I get!

"WHAT!?!?!" she says this in a really gruff voice. "GET OVER IT!?!?" Anjeny is kinda no-nonsense kind of person when she is crafting.. I think she is just so talented.. she's never had a project FLOP.. like most my sewing projects do. So she couldn't understand my amazement and awe and wonder over these little houses.

But honestly.. tell me.. .isn't it just too dang adorable? For his Lighting McQueen Mc Donald Toys? Doesn't it just look like a race car hang out?

We made two boy versions. B.T. took one home to finish the hand sewing up the sides and buttons. I'll get a picture of that on Friday.

Then we made this girly girl one. I added windows. A cottage just needs them. (There is one on both sides.) The inside of this house is the same as the roof... except for the floor part that falls out.. that is a green garden.

ADORABLE! Okay- I challenge you in my comment box to come up with a different description. I don't think there is another word that describes it better. Here is a link to the first house we made and the process.

Oh.. P.S the reason I labelled this post Naughty or Nice.. is because.. I am feeling completely guilty for spending ALL DAY on this project.. feelin a little naughty that I once again neglected my laundry and dishes and just let my kids destroy the house, etc.. but then I thought, "Wasn't it a really NICE thing I did today?" I mean.. I made a handmade gift for my son.. out of LOVE... we, three moms, used our time and talents to create something special and unique for our little ones. So I'm not feeling guilty any more.
Actually- I've decided- I chose NOT to THINK about it any more.. I did it. It's done.. "MOVE ON" and stop obsessing over it!

But I had to post about it.. because I am so proud of our little products.


Kristina P. said...

It's super cute! You are very crafty/talented.

Anjeny said...

LOL..I just knew you would post about this.
Now that we've actually have a couple completed houses, I can ease up and say they absolutely, wonderfully CHARMING...how's that for a different description of the cute little house?
Btw, I like the topic, I feel the same way, naughty to spend all day playing like that and totally nice to be making something like that for the little people..lol.

SWIRL said...

How could I not! I HAD to post today and this is all I did..
"Charming" is a good word.
("super cute" is a good description too)
But I double dare any one else..

Where is CRASH?? she would have lots of cool words.

Funny Farmer said...

What lovely little precious houses! They're so sweet and cheerful, I'm sure your son will be thrilled with his darling delightful gift and will treasure and cherish it each time he crams his cars into it!

Funny Farmer said...

Hey, you double dared "anyone" else... so I took you at your word! :P

Monica said...

I cannot sew. I am impressed with you! I made a dress once. Scott's mom who sews everything pulled every stitch out and redid the whole thing. I haven't sewed since!

B Boys Mom said...

These are awesome! What a great idea. My boys are to old now but when they were younger they would of loved this.

UK lass in US said...

They turned out really cute. Yeah, I'm no thesaurus, that's for certain...

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