Friday, December 5, 2008


My favorite blogging Brit posted about some adorable homemade ornaments.

I love homemade ornaments! We have a few on our tree too.

( Some not so adorable. We have one ornament that has been on my husbands tree, for as long as he can remember. I think it really awful and creepy- a red cardinal trapped in a plastic tube.

But I've lost the battle. It's an ornament that my husband wants to keep on our tree. "TRADITION" and I'm a sucker for keeping traditions. He knows that is a way to win any disagreement with me.

This pink wreath- my husband made at a work Christmas party. They had a station set up to make an ornament. I think it precious. :0)

He learned this weakness of mine early in our married life. (WARNING long story ahead. BUT A GOOD STORY.)

When I was pregnant with our first son, he wanted to name him Hannibal. YES! That is the HONEST truth.

In- fact: The morning the baby was born. He called my mom with the good news that I was being whisked into delivery and that today would be the day. ( My son came a month early- so it was a bit of a surprise.) My mom cringed when she asked what the babies official name was going to be, she knew we were talking about the name "Hannibal" and my husband was jaw-set on it.

While I was pregnant, we went rounds about it. You know how difficult it sometimes is to agree on a name. But in my husbands family traditionally: ALL THE MEN have H first names. Well, I'm sentimental that way and was willing to follow tradition. ( Good H names are hard to come by.) But when he said his first choice was Hannibal- I couldn't believe it. I mean, historically, Hannibal did some amazing war feat with elephants... but modernly Hannibal is associated with a cannibal.. so you understand my hesitation. But it was a "family name" he wanted to pass down.

So I consented- as long as he would always be called by his middle name.

LUCKILY- his paternal instincts kicked in when he held our sweet baby for the first time. So small, so precious. My husband said he changed his mind. He wanted to name the baby after him. {WHEW!} I quickly agreed and signed that birth certificate so fast! I didn't want him changing his mind.

My mom on the other hand- had called all her friends in the mean time and told them the exciting news along with the unfortunate... her first grandson was being named Hannibal. When we called later that afternoon. I told her the GREAT news.. all the details... and mentioned we changed the name. She was soooo happy- but I think to this day- she thinks it was a prank we played on her, having to tell all her friends and defend such an awful name. (Honestly it wasn't mom. REALLY!)

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