Sunday, December 7, 2008

Simple Pizza

So- as most of you know... I've got 4 boys. They are just hitting the stage where they are HUNGRY and EATING 24/7.

And peanut butter/ honey sandwiches are no longer satisfying their taste buds. (That was a good ride while it lasted.)

So I got my handy-dandy bread pamphlet out and tried this Simple Pizza recipe.

Now, as a disclaimer, it's no Pizza Hut. But it also isn't $24.00.

1 T yeast + 1 T sugar + 1 Cup water + 1 tsp salt + 2 1/2 cup flour

It's quick.

It's simple

It's a filling snack. (When did PIZZA become a snack and not a meal?? I miss my baby boys.)

Mix is up with a spoon- and then I put oil on my hands and make it a nice smooth ball of dough.

Then grease a pan.

Flatten it out.

My heart always panics- that it won't fill the pan.. but patience... patience.. just keep patting it out...

Then you can let it rise if you want THICK crust.
I just wait as long as it takes to have my oven pre-heat to 375 degrees.

Top off your pizza with items from your refrigerator.

(We just had cheese and spagetti sauce.)

place it in the oven for 15min or cooked the way you like it.

I would love to hear from you other mom's out there...

What do you feed your sons? How do you "fill-em' up?"


B Boys Mom said...

I know what you mean when you say they eat all the time. Boys sure can eat. We make our own pizza too. Plus I make a simple pizza roll. I do have the pizza roll on my blog if you want to check it our. Your pizza looks very yummy.

Emily said...

You are missing an ingredient? 1 T yeast + 1 T sugar + 1 Cup water- isn't there flour in there?? How much? Please tell me now so I can go try this quick quick quick! That pizza looks yumalicious!

I know about the eating.. Abby is an eating machine. Just so you know it is not only boys. I miss the McDonalds' dollar menu, I miss happy meals. When did they get so big?

SWIRL said...

NO silly! That's why it's so magical and easy!

Yeah.. I forgot half the ingredients.. glad you proof read my posts...


Emily said...

Snap! I thought it was going to be like stone soup (water and sugar and voila! pizza!)

Still sounds easy!

Anjeny said...

Hey, I love this...I can get the kids to make it themselves. You should try this if you don't feel like using the oven.
Cover slices of bread with sauce, cheese and any of your lunch meat, sliced ham preferably, and microwave til the cheese melt...really easy and the boys can make it themselves, plus, no heating up your house.

SWIRL said...

Great idea Anjeny!
the boys will love that!

Kristina P. said...

This looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are welcome to come to my exchange anytime. I also give out awesome prizes.

I will return!

SWIRL said...

I just re-read this post.. I think I had better skip over to CRASH's English class next semester.. "this isn't aint no Pizza hut!!?!" huh?

Michelle said...

This is great.
CARBS are totally the way to go for boys.
We have also done homemade pretzels and homemade biscuits. They love cornbread, too.
I love looking at the picture of all four of your boys, and thinking about how our picture would look. . . .:)

Monica said...

Thumbs up on the pizza crust! The girl that I have over while she is out of school loves it! She says it was better than pizza hut! I am going to put this into my recipe box. It's a little easier than the one I use that I thought was easy! I have a sauce recipe if you want it that is REALLY good and freezes great!

SWIRL said...

Share the sauce recipe girl- lets put Pizza Hut out of buzness!

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