Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Award Winning Books!

You know how really good books always have a gold sticker on them? Some kind of award that lets us parents know...

This is a really good book!
You should buy this book, because someone, of literary consequence, has deemed this book worthy of a golden sticker!

Yeah- Right.
Well, I've learned my sons don't really like those golden sticker books. My boys have a very different view, when they see an award on a book they think it means.

It's hard or boring, or deals with feelings.
My boys don't really want to connect with their feelings or sad things when reading. They want entertainment! They want humor, heroes, and action!

So I've made my own award. The Biggest Belch Award- for those books that are Most Satisfying.

So this award goes to those books. While they aren't going to bring World Peace or solve World Hunger... and yeah, they haven't made a big contribution to the art of literature they are solving a pretty serious crisis: Poor Literacy among boys. And those kind of books, the ones reluctant readers will pick up and read, deserve some kind of award!

click here to view my small - but ever growing list of books that make boys want to read.
And if you know of any great boy books- let me know!


T said...

My boys both read "The Hunger Games" this week - (the 13 and 11 year old). Suzanne Collins is the author and her first series (Gregor the Overlander) is Spec-Tac-U-Lar for younger kids. And... NO golden sticker!

(I personally loved the Hunger Games... but 11 was my "young limit" on letting the kids read it... the rest will have to wait... Gregor? - no such reservations

Terresa said...

this is a great idea! I'm a Children's Librarian & mama to 4 kids, and I totally agree. Bring on the belch stickers! ;)
PS: found you on Mormon mommy blog site

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh that is so cute and funny! I love it.

April said...

My hubby was sighing because the lights were still on, so I moved to the kitchen computer! hehehehe I haven't been to a slumber party since the 7th grade.

Emily said...

My first biggest BELCH (first I thought it was BLECH) goes to

Stuart Little!! what is up with that creepy mouse?

SWIRL said...

Emily... I agree Stuart Little - THE BOOK is creepy... but that is not what the biggest belch is about. Your sons must not be into belching like mine.

a belch is a GOOD thing, to boys... and the BIGGER the BETTER!

So.. the award actually is meant to be a compliment to those books that boys really LIKE.. not to point out the flops.

Jami said...

I wonder if I'd lose my son's trust if I covered up the gold sticker with a belch award. Just occasionally. To humor the former English major in me. [That's despicable, isn't it?]

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