Friday, January 23, 2009

Awards! Awards!

{It's taking me forever to get this together! So I am just posting it! I didn't get my 10 in... but it is so hard to choose... and my sister nominated some of my favorite sites too... so.. I'm only doing a half- *** job. Sorry!)

My sister nominated me for these awards! {For anyone who doesn't have a totally awsome- super supportive big sister like me.. just contact me.. and I'll adopt you- I don't have a little sis to pass the love onto.... or a daughter for the matter...}

Anyway- here are the Instructions for awardees:

please share this opportunity with your favorite bloggers by doing the following:

1. put the logo on your blog or post

2. nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great attitude and/or gratitude!

3. be sure to link to your nominees within your post

4. let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog

5. share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

She is cute as a button and has given me more inspiration on really adorable
cards & gifts- more than I can count!

2. UK Lass- she has some really amazing/easy fun crafts to make as gifts with templates and lots of photo's I fell in love with her little purse/house project and made about 8 of them this last Christmas!

3 If you or someone you love is on the South Beach Diet- Click here! Kalyn's Kitchen site has so many yummy SB Friendly recipies!

4. If you are feeling sad because you want a blog make-over but can't afford one. stop by Creative Blog Designs... her prices can't be beat! {I wish I had used her! }


Corrine said...

congrats on your awards. and i have been lucky i have an older sister and a younger sister, though i am the middle know what they say about those kids.

Kristina P. said...

Congrats, Swirl! You totally deserve them and more!

T said...

I've got sisters to spare - ummm, wait - they're pretty cool and would probably take issue with the word "spare" so maybe I'll keep them. No awards from them though... of course, I barely got the older one blogging last week ;)

Sorry - thought I commented earlier but I was busy drooling over Kalyn's yummy recipes!

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