Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Club Round Up

It's Wednesday- Book club Round UP!
I've decided to change it up a bit.

My dream- is that the Round UP page will be a place where anyone can share great books, book club outlines and story time ideas and themes.

A place where you can browse and gleam great ideas from each other! A directory of sorts.

SO- having said that. I think it would be better to have LOTS of POSTS with LOTS of DIFFERENT THEMES and when you do a story time, book club or find a great book you'll think,

" Hey! I should blog about this and then toss a link into the Bookclub4boys Round up page! Not only will I be sharing my creative and totally awesome lesson plan, book club or book but I might find inspiration for my next lesson plan, book club or find a great book in return!"
{Plus it gives you more entries in my give-away!}

If you don't see a topic or theme you feel I should add- email me at bookclub4boys@yahoo.com.
I will be adding more on my own- as well- promise.
{ Just on a personal note: I'm a bit under the weather.. trying to regroup after the stomach flu this weekend. I'm still not feeling 100%.)

So while you think of poor me.. .tossing cookies
TOSS your LINKS to your ideas/blogs in my MR. Linky !


T said...

thank you for putting an unappetizing spin on cookies!

the WV says "sockl" is that a cousin of yours? SwirL, SockL... hmmm, that was funnier in my head...

April said...

{putting down my cookie and trying not to yak} Hope you feel better!

Sarah said...

I don't really meet any of the criteria for being in the club, but I would like to reccomend a good fantasy series that my brother really liked when he was the same age as your boys. It's called "Deltora Quest" by Emily Rodda. I'm not sure whether it's available in the US but it's really popular in Australia.

Hope you get well soon!

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