Sunday, January 11, 2009

Card Exchange

Yesterday was our card exchange. I am always inspired by the ladies and their cards! Here are some highlights...

This heart card is made by Kathy. She always has a story that goes along with her card. This card was inspired by the valentines from her childhood. I always love all the details she adds.... the embossed hearts, the scallop punched edges....

This "LOVE" card was made by our youngest member. She is in middle school. Very cute. I love cards that use square punches.. they are easy to make- but look like alot of work went into them. She always has a beautiful card too.

This little crab and "shore do love you" card is mine. I really struggled this month with a lay-out. I wanted to use my little crab- with the goggle eyes.. he is so dang cute.. but couldn't really get it to be a "WOW" card.

Thanks to Anjeny - she came over Friday and helped me make my lot.

This is Anjeny's card. She used a really fun technique- Crayon resistance. She colored the flowers with white crayon then sponged stamped over it. Anjeny always makes fun cards.

Faith made this "mahalo" or Thank you card. I love the stitching on the side.

THEN- I was feeling guilty, last month we had an ornament exchange and I was a flop.
So I made these chipboard decorations. You can slip a picture behind the word card. I thought it would be cute to hang at a desk or such.
What is my problem lately? I am in such a creative block.. my creative juices are drying out!?!!
Why the slump? Why ?
I think I just have alot on my plate right now.
And the next two weeks .. if I can glide through them gracefully.. I will be so grateful.
I've got 4 Chinese students coming this weekend to visit for a week. I need to fix/clean/sanitize the boys room and make it fit for girls. (along with the boys bathroom upstairs.)
I'm helping plan the cub scout 3 day - day camp. We have to drive around the Ranch where we are having it... and think of activities for 3 days and about 300 boys.. (no pressure)
ALSO- I've started school! Tomorrow is my first day! yippee!
Then my usual things I do...
preschool swap for my son #4,
get book clubs going again for sons #1,#2, #3
cub scout activities and pack night... (BIG THANKS to Martha who helps with that!)
Good thing Hockey hasn't started yet!


Kristina P. said...

Those cards are beautiful!

I *heart* the heart one.

Ter said...

love the cards... I'm doing a card challenge now, if you want to check it out! :)

T said...

I have that same crabby stamp set... and surprisingly, I've even opened the package and mounted it! I think I've even USED it once... maybe twice...

I'm a terrible collector - no, a GOOD collector, a terrible user... time to get off the computer and actually make a few cards and scrapbook pages I think! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Becky said...

Very cute cards! Good luck with all you have to do this week. Sounds like a lot!

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