Friday, January 9, 2009

FHE Lesson #4 Animals and Pets

Vocabulary for this lesson:
el hamster- hamster
el onejillo de Indias- guinea pig
el loro- parrot
el pajaro- bird
el periquito - parakeet
el canario- canary
el perro- dog
el cachorro- puppy
el pez de colores- tropical fish
el conejo - rabbit
la tortuga- turtle
la gallina- chicken
los pollitos- chicks
el gato- cat
el gatito- kitten
el raton- mouse
Practice the words and phrases with your children before you FHE day.
Donde vive tu mascota?- where does your pet live?
En la jaula- in the cage
en agua- in water
en la casa del perro- in the dog house
en mi casa- in my house
en mi jardin- in my yard
Que le gusta hacer tu mascota? what does your pet like to do?
le gusta dormir en la cesta- It likes to sleep in the basket.
Le gusta comer la comida- it likes to eat the food.
le gusta beber la leche- it likes to drink the milk
Le gusta jugar- it likes to play
le gusta nadar- it likes to swim
le gusta correr- it likes to run
le gusta ir a la veterinaria- it likes to go to the vet.
Como es tu mascota? What does your pet look like?
Tiene la cola corta/larga- it has a short/long tail.
tiene el pico amarillo- it has a yellow beak.
Tiene cuartra piernas - it has four legs
tiene dos alsas- it has two wings
tiene los ojos azules- it has blue eyes..
Invite the children to each bring a stuffed animal "pet". Sit in a circle and have the children talk about their animal. What color it is , what it likes, where it lives, etc..
After everyone has a turn- play a game where children act out an animal and everyone guess who they are.
Teach and Sing Song: (make up hand gestures to help... )
Song in spanish: Los pollitos dicen pio, pio, pio (the little chicks say- peep, peep , peep)
Cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frio. (when they are hungry , when they are cold.
La gallina busca el maiz y el trigo (The hen looks for corn and wheat)
Les da la comido y les presta abrigo ( she gives them food and keeps them warm)
Bajo sus dos alas, acarucaditos (under her two wings , all cozy)
Duermen los pollitos hasta el otro dia.. ( they sleep until another day.)

Then tape a picture of an animal on each persons back. This activity- you have to ask people questions about the animal on your back.. and guess.
My friend- Beth did a GREAT JOB today with this activity. She even prepared snacks for the different kinds of animals.. so once we guessed what animal was taped on our back- we could eat a treat for that animal...
Hamster and guinea pigs had dry cereal to snack on.
Dogs& puppies had pretzels that looked like dog bones
cat & kitten- tuna
rabbit/ turtle- carrots
fish- gold fish crackers
So much fun!

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