Friday, January 9, 2009

Got Silly Putty on your Guitar Hero Drumset?

Anjeny came over today. To pick up her sewing machine and help me with my card exchange prep for tomorrow.

I had a house full of kidsnot just Anjeny's ( she is the mother of 7 kids! Can you believe it? She looks like a College girl- just like me!) But also some neighborhood kids were over this afternoon too and silly putty ended up smeared on one of our guitar hero drum set drums.

{ugh} It was like- they thought they could COVER the drum set and then peel it off.. but yeah, no so good on the coming up again part.
I kept my cool.
Partly because Anjeny was over with her kids

partly because I could tell the girl who did it felt really bad..

partly because I use to do things like that... "let's see what happens if... " without thinking the next step.. or if the "What if" turns out badly... and I'll feel awful.

So I told the kids to go outside while I googled on how to get it off.
We tried baby oil, Stampin UP cleaner spray.. then I found on some site... the suggestion to use rubbing alcohol.

IT works like MAGIC!
I wish I had taken a picture before... but I didn't think to start taking pictures until Anjeny had most of it off. {What inspired me was the squeals of delight from her son and daughter.} It truly was magical!

So now we are all rockin again.

SEE? No point in loosing your cool... just kick everyone out ,"re-group" & google.
How did I ever live without the internet!


Kristina P. said...

Yay for alcohol!!

Anjeny said...

What would your life be without alcohol!! LOL.

Thanks for having us over, I had fun and of course there's no doubt that my kids had a blast!!

See ya tomorrow.

Ter said...

shouldn't it be called drum hero, not guitar hero if it's a drum?

besides the point, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to get the silly putty off.

SWIRL said...

yeah.. I should have said
Rock Band drum set.

T said...

My life has been "saved" more than once by alcohol (the rubbing type)... amazing what it can take off!

Amanda said...

It's so funny that we google everything! While in the hospital, Al was asking me questions about RSV and my only response was, "I don't know, I don't have my laptop to look it up!"

Remember when it would sometimes take a week to get an answer to a question. You would go to the library, look for a book or twenty and them comb through them until you found what you were looking for. Things sure have changed!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


How weird that your verifier says gandedua


Julieanna said...

Glad to know my son wasn't the only one to do this....or the first one! And I was thrilled to find out how to get it off!! Thanks to the internet and other people it happened to sharing information!
All is good now....we are rocking away!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your blog, luckily thanks to google it also picked up on this entry of yours and helped me with my endeavour!

My friend googled "how to get putty shit off rock band drums" and this helped us a lot!

The funniest thing is that you had problem with children sticking putty to the drums, however we are men in our twenties.

Just thought i'd leave a comment as we found this all very funny

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