Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart attack on the first day of school!

Okay- my first real day of classes. I get THE phone call no "mom who is going back to school" wants to get.

It's 9:30 and my class starts at 9:50 (strange hour I know.)
the phone rings
I answer it
It's one of the ladies in my babysitting swap group.
(Three moms, 3 two year olds, two of us are going back to school so we are swapping babysitting services.)

It's C- in our swap group, "Hey Swirl, B- called and she is in town , so we're not having play group today."

Me- "um.. is everything okay with B- family?? Why is she in town?"
C- "uh.. I don't know. She just called and said she was in town and couldn't babysit today."

Me- "uh.. so are you doing it?"
C- "No. I can't I told a friend I would drive her around and show her the local shops."

Me- "uh... I HAVE CLASS today! So..... thinking... thinking...stauling... hoping she will babysit the hour for me and postpone any plan she has .... "

C- "oh dear.. I'm sorry .. I can't... B- must have forgotten."

Me-" yeah. Well I better go. I need to figure out what I am going to do with my 3 year old!"

ARG! That is one of my fears about going back to school with a little one. But B- did it all last year with out a glitch. And we pinkie promised /swore to each other that EVEN if kids or we were sick- we would STILL babysit .. so we didn't put each other in a position to have to scramble for a sitter for classes. (it's just one hour- not a full day.)

Whatever... I'm over it. I was able to go to class. Here is my first assignment. (I had to create a blog.) Any class that has me blogging for an assignment is A-okay!


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you were able to go. I've seen a lot more requirements to create a blog. I think it's a great idea.

T said...

Create a blog? Maybe I should go back to school... then I'd have some REASON for why I do what I do!

Ter said...

you're so lucky to blog for school! When I was in college I had to do WORK.


If I lived closer I'd offer my babysitting service but I live far away. Then again, I'd be willing to come to hawaii to babysit...;)

Anjeny said... who ended up watching Heath? You should've called me. I hope you don't have more days like that again.
Don't really care very much for flaky people.

Funny Farmer said...

So... did you actually create ANOTHER new blog or just cheat and use this one? :D

Don't worry, I'll never tell.

SWIRL said...

I made a new blog... to post my homework assignments on... I wouldn't want to bore my readers and fans with my assignments!

And Anjeny- I completely understand B- forgot. I mean. Our kids are still out of school- she just got mixed up. (Plus - she has saved my bacon more than once.)

I was more annoyed with C-.. can't you help a sista out? Postpone your tour of our small town an hour?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! YOu will just have to CALL ME if that ever happens again. I would never want anything to get in the way of you creating another blog. ;)

I can't believe you're back in school and you saw WOLFGANG!!!!


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