Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am blogging at school!

Ssshhhh! (whisper) I am blogging IN SCHOOL! How cool is that? I can't believe my kids complain about homework... my homework was grueling and frustrating and not fun at all! I had to use card catalogues for goodness sakes to research ANYTHING. (Crash's daughter and my son have their History Day projects on John Adams.)

College kids these days have computers.. Internet... creating blogs for homework... making pod casts for assignments... where is the drudgery? I mean I remember when white-out was my saving grace from having to re-write an assignment once again! Now with computers.. these kids are such have it so easy.. they don't know what real work is!

tee hee... I told my husband tonight- I'm feeling a little naughty
"awe-- I gotta go to the computer lab... I have an assignment due.." (pretending to drag my feet.) Then when I get to campus I am literally skipping to the lab.

Here is my official assignment: Create a Pod cast. (Let me warn you: Boring. But just picture me sitting in a computer lab with 30 other people... trying not to sound self conscious as I am the ONLY one talking.. to myself... so I pull my monitor so close so it looks like I'm making out with it- so I can whisper in the tiny microphone at the top of the screen... kneeling on my swivel chair ... no I didn't look at all insane. Really. Why? Cuz I'm a cool hip mom coming back to school. (good thing I had my new shoes on- whew!)

For our assignment we had to think of ways to apply podcast in education and I have a one track can I apply this to

I have a page that talks about : Reading Aloud Tips. One of my favorite books to read-aloud is the book: Me and My Robot by Tracey West.

So this podcast I made just for fun. (okay- for extra credit I think I am gonna need it!)

So I invited all the lab students to gather around my mac computer as I read them a story. I don't care how old you are... people like to be read aloud to- get over here!

You'll notice while I am just starting the story- there is a little noise in the back ground... just a fellow lab student... next to me... trying to get comfy & settle in for story don't let that distract you.

(I actually think he got up and left... I don't know- like I said, I was teetering on my swivel chair with my mouth so close to the small microphone, my arms wrapped around the monitor so I could hold the book in front of me to read... but don't worry ... I was subtle... all I needed was Kristina's blue snuggie! It would have fit the image I was portraying.

But what won't I do for you ladies?
Enjoy the story! {click here}


Kristina P. said...

Snuggies definitely make everything better.

I'm sure your lab peeps love you.

Ter said...

i know nothing about Podcasts, are they video? Because I can hear your voice (though I don't know what you're saying - due to my hearing disability, not you or technology) but I don't see a video.

Ter said...

p.s. I've been considering getting a snuggie too. lol Wonder if they are worth it??

T said...

I need a good story - that's a great idea!

I've been meaning to blog about my cozy (which is similar to a snuggie but BETTER) but I'm afraid of the wrath of KP...

SWIRL said...

A podcast is a broadcast you can down load on a Ipod or your computer and listen to.

I'm so glad you asked Ter!
I am learning all about that. So you are not crazy- there is no video.. it's just audio.

SWIRL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I'll be at university next year, training to be an elementary school teacher. I sure hope I get to do fun stuff like this! You do a great robot voice, by the way. :)

SWIRL said...

That comment deleted above- was me..I posted twice the same comment.. sorry.

Sandi said...

Oh Swirl I am a little ARE a cool hip mom with cute new shoes- skipping the lab. Love the robot voice..haha too cute!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee hee. Oh, this was awesome. I think my favorite post ever from you. soooo funny to think of you at school in the computer lab doing your "homework" and your hubby's at home babysitting. hee hee

I nominated BC4B as best educational blog. Wooohoooo. Get your peeps voting.

And shhhh I hear your son's project was really good. (But you didn't hear it from me.)

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