Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm in love...

Okay I am totally lovin my new Bookclub4boys.com T-shirts! Don't miss your chance to get one fREE for your boy! Check out my Give-Away and see how. (Super easy- and enter as many times as you want! Then tell all your friends, your family, your children's teachers, your daycare providers, the garbage man, the mail carrier... the people you meet as you are walking down your street. ...preferable sing the song as you go.. guarentee you'll make new friends!)

But that is not what I am blogging about today. Today I just have to share a series of books that really suprised me.

Franny K Stein books! They are funny! They have interactive elements that really get my second son reading them for fun and over-and- over again!

This book The Attack of the 50 Ft Cupid would be a great book for February and Valentines coming up. (But in no way is this book filled with mushy valentine stuff.)

I love Franny's Valentine Poem Generator. (With over 625 different poem possible combinations!) One of my favorites is: Boogers are green, You need a shampoo, Diapers are stinky, Your family is too!

This is my submission for my Book Club Round Up! Go take a look, blog about a book, and drop your link in my Mr. Linky!

It's easy!
It's fun!
and it gets you two more entries in my give-away!


Becky said...

I saw your spotlight in Family Fun! Your pic is great and I love the write-up. Congrats!

T said...

I'm definitely running off to get this book before Valentine's Day - I need the poem generator for a nice tribute :)

April said...

I am telling my sister about this! Her boys ages 3-8 will LOVE it! WAIT I can be the cool Aunt and get it for them for Valentine's Day! SUHWEEEEET!!!! PS- I already have your Book Club 4 Boys Button on my side bar! I will now put your round up one on there too! And of course I will blog about it!!! DUH!!! The dilemma will be just which one of my nephews to give the T-shirt to....hmmmm. hehehehe!!!

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