Thursday, January 29, 2009

Market Research

To participate: please email me at
Copy and paste these questions in the content box- then answer the questions.

How did you find out about

How do you find books for your kids?
Buy most books at School Book Fairs
Check books out of library
At used book stores
Amazon or other on-line store
at a book store

About how much do you spend on books for your kids in a month?
less than $10/ month
$11-$25/ month
more than $30/month

Do you belong to any monthly clubs?
Movie club like Netflicks
Book clubs where you buy a specific amount per year
Scrapbook club kits
any other kind of club:

If yes to above question: how much do you spend on monthly club dues?

Would you be interested in a "Book Club in a Box" kit?

What would you expect in a kit?
(Would you want books included in the kit or you provide your own?)

What price range for a book club kit?

Do you home school?

Do you currently belong to a book club? (adult book club?)
Do you currently host a book club for your kids?

If so- do you participate in our Book club Round Up?
If not- why not?

What is your profession?

Any suggestions on how I can improve

Thank you!

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