Thursday, January 8, 2009

My first day of school.

Okay I had my first day of school today! (I was so tired after a "virtual" sleep over at CRASH's blog... I almost FORGOT to go!)

I've been looking forward to my class for about a month! I can't believe I almost missed it! It's hard to be on a routine/schedule when your kids are still out of school!!! (just a few more days...)

So I'm taking 2 one credit classes.
One is a business lecture for starting your own business.
The next is a "Computer for Education" class. Not real sure what to expect with that one.

I have a degree- in Early Childhood Education.
I am thinking I will take classes and finish my Elementary Ed and get a teaching certificate. ( By the end of my schooling- I was married and had a baby- so I kinda shortened my major so I could just graduate. Hence Early Childhood degree and not El Ed Teacher.)

But I'm in no hurry now. My youngest is just 3 years old. I am going to take a few classes and then maybe by the time he is in kindergarten.. I'll be student teaching.

But today was he-larious!
All the freshmen...
the "networking"

guys "working the room" meeting the ladies.

I stumbled in- because I FORGOT. Thank heavens my babysitter called and asked when I was bringing my 3 year old over.

Last night I was teasingly telling my husband I was going to "pick out my outfit" for the first day! And here I stumble in class.. in my jeans and shirt with rust stains on it. (Sorry Martha- you got me all those cute clothes.. and my rust shirt was what I wore.)

I was cleaning people! And had to honestly RUN to make it on time.
(Sorry mom- I hadn't even showered! But I had that natural glow going for me- when you are a flushed and flustered.)

Okay- so I fumble in to the auditorium.. but where do I sit...???
Front row?
in the back?- but I am not afraid to be called on or anything.. so I decide more up front than back.
That's when I see the college boys busting the "open liners".
REALLY FUNNY= but at the same time, sad. It's hard to be a guy. I mean- they are just trying to meet a nice girl right?

College Boy behind me asks my name, and instead of keeping my classmates guessing- I just spill all my secrets. I introduce myself: "Hi, I'm Laura. My husband works here and I have 4 boys." So subtle. So suave.

I wish I was a little more reserved. Or .. less... I don't know..
Do I HAVE to be such an open book? MUST I tell people EVERYTHING? I mean. I feel like people ask for a small portion of information.. but instead I spill the whole pot of beans on people.

Then we get a message that class doesn't start until NEXT Thursday.
So we all say goodbye and go our separate ways.

So much for being a woman of mystery. Not that I have to be a mystery.. but do I have to be so so .. uncool? so uncomfortable? so awkward?
Here I am laughing at THEM.. look at ME!

I am so excited for school and classes. I can't wait for MONDAY!

OH- on a side note.
I was rushing off to my class (nervous and giddy) and I ran into a friend. I said, "Yippee my first class!" She teaches English (not Crash- I do have other friends people.) And she says, "Oh what do you teach?"

um.. "no I'm not teaching.. silly.. I'm taking!"
She just said, "oh.. good luck." or something to that effect.

She didn't have the same bright-eyed bushy tale attitude as me. I guess teachers don't look forward to classes as much as stay-at-home moms do.


Kristina P. said...

I haven't been in college for almost 9 years. I went to a presentation for my work at the U of U about 3 months ago, and it was so weird being back! I felt soooo old and out of place, wearing professional work clothes. It almost gave me a panic attack.

Good luck with everything!

Anjeny said...

That was funny Laura. The last time I went back to school, this guys get trying pick me but I was constantly around other people that by the time he actually found alone outside the Aloha Center, he tried to get my name and what I was doing that night, I just blurted out that I was waiting for my hubby and kids to come pick me up. Talk about a big splat on one's
But yeah, you are right, it is really funny to watch the guys sweating it out trying to pick up girls, and they usually made a bee line for the newcomers. Too bad I wasn't with you, imagine the fun we'll have driving the poor college boys nuts..ahahah. I know I am really bad.

Sandi said...

Oh I love your story! It must be a surreal experience being a married lady and mom back in that college scene. I just know you are going to have the best stories for us! I am going to have to remind my Kute Kasey to be extra specially well behaved because their might be Kupkake ladies around to see what she's up to!

T said...

I keep thinking it's time to go back and take some classes... gotta get the little one in school first (I don't have a babysitter....) and then I'll take the leap of faith.

Problem? Yeah, I think I'm going to have to stop dying my hair or pray for more wrinkles because I've been yelled at to "get back to class" at the Jr. High... being short sucks sometimes!

SWIRL said...

As far as "my babysitter".. I swap with another mom.. who is taking a class too.

We worked our classes out so we could swap.

So it's a fun play date for my 3 year old too.

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