Thursday, January 29, 2009

Patacon Reglleno- Columbian sandwich

My sweet friend Isabel invited me over for lunch, she's Colombian, and made this super yummy sandwich!

Instead of bread- it is served on fried plantains!( yellow ripe plantains- so they are sweet.)

2-Plantains.. that are turning yellow with brown spots.



motz cheese

thin sliced ham sandwich meat

the secret is in the sauce- naturally


avocado, parsley, cilantro, garlic, green bell pepper, white onion, white vinegar and olive oil

all liquefied in the blender, makes a creamy sauce - to use instead of mayo or such.

Now the plantains..

FIRST STEP - is warm up some oil in a large/deep frying pan-

cut them in half or quarters for smaller patties. ( ours were cut in 1/4 because she said she didn't have enough. So in the picture these are the "smaller patties".)

FRY them.... maybe a minute... or less... (I wasn't cooking... I was watching the kids outside so I only saw peeks or the actual process...)

Then carefully take them out and use a bowl to smash it down to form a patty and carefully put back in the oil to fry again.

Just until they look cooked...

Take them out and pat them off with napkin to get excess oil off.. and then build your sandwich.

It was such a warm- melted cheese and slightly sweet- super tasty sandwich that yesterday- I bought plantains myself! ( I'm starting to feel so International as I find new recipes I love!)

I would be interested to know on a scale of : "really healthy"-- to-- "a heart-attack on a plate" where this sandwich falls.

I mean- everything down to the spred is really healthy... but the frying of the plantains is bad...

but... we are frying bananas here..

not chicken and isn't oil better than solid forms of fat?? butter and such??

So if there are any Health -guru's out there in the blogsphere... let me know!

On a side note: Isabel and I started scheming and dreaming at our lunch and we came up with a really exciting idea that I can't wait to introduce here...but I am gonna wait.... and hopefully post about it in the next week or so...

really exciting..


Ter said...

man that looks really good. I've never had plantains before. Do they taste alot like regular bananas?

I may have to try this meal sometime...

Kristina P. said...

I have never had plantains before. This sounds delicious!

T said...

health wise... hmmm... I'd eat it - I'd probably go a little light on the sauce, but in Weight Watchers Land it'd probably be a 4 or 5 point sandwich (depending on the lean-ness of your meat and how much sauce you're indulging in...) That's do-able...

It does sound yummy... I might have to search out some plantains because here on the mainland they're not at the local Albertson's!

The Crash Test Dummy said...



verifier says terse. That's why I'm being bried.

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