Friday, January 9, 2009

Spanish FHE Idea

You guys know , I am all about having FUN FAMILY LEARNING experiences.
This is actually a family project we did maybe a year ago.
I had this posted on my other site- but I'm kinda phasing my old site out and just having this blog and my, but this was SUCH A FUN activity I want to share it again.

It's the beginning of a new year and maybe some of you want to learn a language with your family? I had tucked this away in my brain-
but then this morning my 6 year old said, "Mom, Rojo is red in Spanish."
"You are right! How did you remember that?"
" I can count to six too!"
I couldn't believe it! He was so small- but he still remembers some of the Spanish we learned!

So. I just copied and pasted the entry from my old site, below....

This is my newest family project. I have been trying to teach my sons Spanish- off and on for months.. but we are lacking real motivation. ( And I am lacking real skills.)

I was applying my " Home Preschool skills" to introduce Spanish to them.I have a calendar with the months in Spanish, the colors, shapes, numbers, etc... But with no real reason to use the language- and no hard fast deadlines- my Spanish lessons are here and there- at best. ( I was just going to do 10 minutes every day. I think less- more often is better than trying to get them to focus for an hour once a week. )

And then the challenge- that I am not fluent in Spanish- but I thought about it- and I know alot of people who Spanish is their first language or they speak Spanish for other reasons.So- I just organized a Spanish FHE group.

( For those of you, who maybe don't know what FHE means- it stands for Family Home Evening. This is a weekly night- usually Monday's- that Mormons set aside to be with their family. They turn the TV off, let the answering machine take calls and we spend an evening playing games, learn something, work together, go on a special outing, talk about morals & values, teach gospel related lessons- whatever each individual family decides.)

I have a friend who, both she and her husband served Spanish speaking missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormons) when they were young(er) and single. Now they would like to pass that skill- speaking Spanish- onto their children. ( I served a Spanish speaking mission also- but in Washington state- so I am familiar with the language but never was fluent. My husband served a mission in Hungary.)

My friend and I briefly talked about it at the park- we're excited to try it for three months.. and then we'll revaluate how to continue.I thought this might help other families who might want to learn a different language.

These ideas and activities could be used for any other language that you would prefer to learn. (Plans for your FIRST, SECOND , THIRD , and FOURTH months.)

Spanish Family Home Evening group….
(this is the actual email I sent out- to save me some time I am just cut/paste it here.... )
I am so glad I remembered to mention this idea to you guys! I am really excited now.
( I mean, I was yesterday too… but then it slipped my mind… with homework, hockey, etc… )I am thinking we each take turns hosting the group.
I’ll do Septembers FHE- I don’t know what date yet- I have to talk it over with my husband and get him on board. :0)

My idea is … We meet once a month for FHE. First we work on the months words with our kids, play games, do drills, whatever it takes….. So they learn them.

Then the family that hosts that month plans an activity and refreshments- this could be dinner, or dessert , or just finger foods (nachos!) Whatever you choose. Just let families know well in advance so we know to eat dinner before or not. ( The hosting family can invite native speakers to come to- if they want.)So we come as a family- speak in Spanish - as much as possible and just have fun while trying to learn another language. Those of you who served missions in foreign countries will really be able to share culture, customs, foods, etc… I think it will get our kids excited and motivated to practice and learn a new language.

(Old post ends here.)

We had a blast! And I don't think it's a flop that we did it for about 6 months then stopped. The more you introduce something, the easier it is to learn. And my kids have retained some.

So if you have ever wanted to learn a new language.. you should try this!
My lesson plans can be found:
Lesson/Month 1- Family, Introductions & Colors
Lesson/Month 2 Opposites & Clothes
Lesson/Month 3 Body Parts & Shapes
Lesson/ Month 4 Animals


StowmarKate said...

New visitor - I LOVE the FHE idea. We used to do it when I was a counselor at summer camp ("Cabin Night") but it had never ocurred to me to do it in a family setting. Your boys are so lucky to have you!

T said...

I REALLY should do this, because despite being semi-fluent once upon a time... no hey hablado en espanol en... well a LONG time... like 15 years... and I should really brush up a bit!

Kristina P. said...

I took Spanish for 5 years in Jr. High and High school, and I remember very little. It makes me sad.

This is such a great idea!

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