Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking of Women who ROCK!

I want to thank my cousin (in the yellow jacket) for sending this picture.

Look at my GRANDMA! (She on the far right.)

My Aunt Jackie (middle) her daughter and my Grandma went snowshoeing. My Grandma Rocks!

She isn't one to sit still long. She is always out and about- traveling, going to the theater, etc.. She lives in D.C and is always on the go. I've given up trying to keep track of her many travels. She has been to EVERY CONTINENT- even Antarctica! (She went to see the penguins.. )

I have had a crazy day. I won't go into it. I did it to myself. Big Thanks to Martha who saved my bacon and Rug Doctored my rug... I was trying to get my house presentable for our guests this week.

I have four Chinese daughters this week! All 14 years old! All - from families where they are the only children. So I think they are in shock.

1. They are all sleeping in one bedroom. (That is how my boys sleep.)

2. Going from an only child- to a household of 4 boys... and extra friends.

3. Coming from a different culture and speaking a different language... not to mention the weather difference. I guess it is REALLY cold in China right now and they are HOT. (We don't have A.C... but this is our cool weather we wouldn't use it even if we did have it.)

I can only image what they think. (It's probably better I don't know.)
It's gonna be fun!


Emily said...

OOOHH, you're going to be in TROUBLE! I can't believe you called her GRANDMA in PUBLIC!

I agree! Ros Rocks!!

Kristina P. said...

That does sound like fun! But a lot of work too. Good luck!

T said...

holy houseful!

and yes, your Grandma Rocks! She has my Grandma beat by one continent... Antarctica? awesome!

April said...

I don't know who to be more impressed with you or your grandma....I choose you!! HELL-O!!! A house full of kids beats traveling for the "YOU ROCK" award any day!!!

PS-Your grandma totally ROCKS!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Gooood luck! hee hee

Martha said...

I guess I better start working on my house. My parents come on Tues. I wish I could just go buy a new house instead of cleaning this one. Hope you're having fun with those girls.

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