Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ter's Card Challenge: Flowers

This card is folded like a "gate". The flowers are made with a SU punch.

It's a super easy card- but cute I think.


Ter said...

WOW! What a great card!!! What is an SU Punch? Is that like a diecut machine?

I'm still new to this whole thing and that's why I created this challenge... to learn more and be inspired! I love the colors. Lately, my favorite color combos are green&pink, and brown&pink. Who knew I would like pink so much!! (I never used to!)

Thanks for joining our challenge!

T said...

Love the Card... you'd think I would start to make a few of my own since I own more Stampin' Up than most demonstrators :)

April said...

ooooohhhhh.......awwwwww.......pretty!!!!! I see no trace of boy in that card!

SWIRL said...

Ter- a stampin up Punch is a handheld- hold puncher type tool.. you can buy punches that punch out circles, squares, flowers, hearts, stars etc.. SU sells them and they come in all different sizes (so you can layer) and shapes.

I love your card challenge- it is easy to follow the rules!

SWIRL said...

hole puncher-- not a HOLD puncher

Jo said...

Love the card... and love that we have a newbie to the card challenge :) Woot! Woot! Welcome aboard :)

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