Thursday, January 22, 2009

This was THEN and NOW

I think we were styling some Christmas Flannel Pajama's. Look how L-O-N-G our hair was! Especially my sister! Those were the days when we had plenty of time to primp and get ready. We've now got the classic "mom bob" haircut- cute/fast/ wash and go!

and then for those of you who read CRASH- I've got the hint:
I was at the mall buying shoes for the boys when I felt a swift
"blogging kick" in the butt and I decided to picked out a cute pair of slip-ons.
I PROMISE To try and leave these by the door- so when I need to just "run out the door"- for just a minute to grab my son, get the mail , or borrow an onion from CRASH I'll put these on instead of my husbands...) Lesson LEARNED!


Kristina P. said...

I think you both look even more gorgeous now!

T said...

lovin' the new shoes!

and definitely, the short hairdos are easier, and more fun!

Ter said...

wow, you both look younger now than you did in that photo! :)

I am not a huge shoe person (*gasp* I know, Im a disgrace to the female race!) but those shoes are cute. Do they have backs on them?? I have come to notice that shoes rarely have backs on them, and I can't walk in backless shoes without tripping! Perhaps that's why I am not a shoe person... when I find something that fits and is comfortable, I stick with it forever. ;)

April said...

How cute are you and your sister!!! There's nothing like a comfy pair of PJ's!!! And the new shoes aren't shabby either!

Emily said...

Just what I want! A picture of me in my pjs prominently displayed on the internet!! ;0)

Love your new shoes! It is a scary day for me- Abby and I now wear the same size. She has been wearing my shoes to school. I got her back by buying her a pair of church shoes that I wear the rest of the week.

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