Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What the???

blog readability test Okay this is about the funniest thing I've ever heard of! I saw on a site... she had this button... saying her site was the Reading Level of High School. I was a little nervous to see the level at to which I write. I was preparing myself to be graded Jr.High or something... but to see this! REALLY? Do you have to be in college to read my stuff?

"my stuff"... see??? I don't use big words! I don't even make complete sentences half the time!
I just think that is funny.
Go on- you know you want to know now.. how your blog rates!


Kristina P. said...

I think mine was Undergrad level.

Oh, and I did one that rated my blog, and it was NC-17. And this was before all the nudity posts. It totally made my day.

B Boys Mom said...

Your blog is wonderful!

I hope mine is above 5th grade. I know I'm all thumbs most of the time and don't care. I'm just happy I'm doing it. I'll have to check it out.

T said...

oooh, now I want to know where the one Kristina did is... I did this one earlier and I must have been posting an awful lot of tripe because it was rated Jr. High... time to pull out the vocabulary!

The funniest part - back IN Jr. High when we were supposed to be learning to write for the newspaper (at an 8th grade level) I COULD NOT keep it below 11th grade... obviously I've learned a lot since then...

haha - my word verification is prepi... how jr high is THAT?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness. How funny! I'm so scared to try it. What if mine comes out to be jr. high because of all the words I make up and here I am a college teacher.

April said...

hahahaha!!! I triple dog dare you to do it Crash!

I love your word for the year too. Mine is "JOY".

Emily said...

I'd be very curious to know HOW they rate them- so strange!

My stepping stones blog- high school
My pregnancylossribbons.com- elementary school
My sandwritten blog- GENIUS! (it is all photos, ha!)

I kind of think it is random?? How do they decide?

So weird!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Emily, me too.... my blog got a Genius rating, and I think it's only because I found a website that can translate phrases for you in a gazillion other languages and I've been having fun with it lately! (Because I really don't think I'm a genius based on my usage of words like 'gazillion'). So if you want to improve your rating, go translate your blog posts and publish them in Italian!

Sarah said...

I'm in highschool and I don't have any difficulty comprehending it... I am definitely going to try this myself!

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