Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cute- Easy Valentine treats!

Look at these adorable: chocolate pretzels! So festive in Valentine colors! I'm going to make a bunch of these and wrap them up for teacher gifts.

Basically what you need:
Hershey kisses in different assortments
and valentine- M&M's

there is a really detailed tutorial {here} on how to make them. (where I grabbed this photo)

But basically you place pretzels on a cookie sheet
put a Hershey kiss in the middle
place in an oven at 200 degrees
let the kiss get soft
take out the cookie sheet and place/push a M&M in the make it flat.

Let it cool before packaging...
and you're done!


Ter said...

that is too cute and super easy! Even kids could do that (with adult supervision due to oven). They're almost too cute to eat, but I would eat them anyway. lol

Emily said...

Those are super cute! Too bad I'm not eating sugar any more ever ever ever. If I were I would eat about a hundred and twenty of those

enamor said...

Glad you like my recipe :)

T said...

My SIL makes these for Christmas treats - but they're just as cute all valentine-y :)

On a totally different subject - I was at my new book club this evening and just may have shared your book club blog - and of course one of the ladies said "hey, I read about her!" So I proudly claimed you as a BBFF and told them to get over there :)

SWIRL said...

bought all my stuff tonight!
I couldn't find circle-pretzels.. so I am using the regular type and hope the chocolate will cover the criss cross part...

AND we don't have any white choc/swirl kind of kisses... (darn)
so mine will just be regular..

Martha said...

I was gonna say, I've never seen circle pretzels. Hard to find things in Hawaii. Good luck.

Daniel said...

CUte cute!!!!

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