Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Don't wear your heart on your sleeve....

I am a timid person by nature
believe it or not

I mean... I don't draw attention to myself
I don't get in people's faces
I try not to push my views on others.....

I'm mild mannered.. and fun loving...
and I'll admit- I'm new to this whole... "start a business" adventure
(I'm trying to make are real business that actually generates an income)

As part of my adventure is "putting yourself out there"... (advertising/promoting bookclub4boys)

I wrote an article for a website: you can read it {here}

Yes- the website is traditionally about crafts- that is how I stumbled upon it... and when I looked at the submission guidelines.. I wanted to see what kind of things they were looking for... (cuz you know me.. I'm sorta crafty!)

I was so happy to see in February they were looking for articles about men and boys in general along with crafts for men/boys or made by men/boys. I also researched their ABOUT page and they state in their manifesto:

"Whipup is for the slow movement, slow cooking, slow living, slow schooling, slow sundays, slowly enjoying life. By living life out of the fast lane we will hopefully notice more, learn more, enjoy our children, friends and family, enjoy our time doing the things we love."

You know me.. I'm consumed with bookclub4boys and think book clubs are great ideas for boys too! So I wrote my article. (By the way: I was so proud of this article- because it wasn't just about ME-ME-ME.. but I tried to balance it out and highlighted another site that I find useful.)

I Submitted my article.
It was accepted- yippee!
It was posted.


The first comments and reception was less than flattering!

But I can't wear my heart on my sleeve - right? If you put things out in the universe... you have to be willing to hear the feedback.

So for the record: I strongly believe girls need to be educated too. I am not about repressing girls and women. For heavens sake- educate your girls along with your boys!

I just personally have 4 boys. Please don't hold that against me. Because I am a mom of boys- I kinda know them better...

Bookclub4boys is more of a niche. A specialty - if you will.

I am not even saying ALL BOYS ARE RELUCTANT READERS. I know there are many boys who love to read. And if your son falls in that category- I am so happy for you! (recommend some great books!)

The website started because I was hosting book clubs for my 4 boys.. so I named it that. Bookclub(for my)4 (but I dropped the middle part.) :o)

Before I had 4 boys I was thinking about starting a website.. .but the big question was.. what to call it. When I found out I was pregnant with boy #4.. I thought that would be a perfect name.

Catchy - easy to remember- easy to spell- and descriptive of what I do.

I know you guys love me.... I just want "for the record" the reason I submitted my article. I am not shamelessly plugging my site on irrelevant websites... I honestly thought the readers at would appreciate the idea.

NOW- as a treat! ( for listening to my ramblings.) I promise to up-load my next homework assignment on Thursday! Make a video of myself... in the computer lab...
I know... a real treat awaits you Friday morning!!!
HOpe you can wait!


Ter said...

Don't you just hate having the feeling that you have to explain yourself.

But don't you mind what those people think. You know what is really going on and that's all that matters.

(I know, easier said than done, right?)

T said...

I'm thinking that some people just need something to complain about...

I personally have 3 boys AND 2 girls - all of whom love reading (even the little one, although her reading is confined to Cat in the Hat) - and I STILL think that a book club for boys is a super idea!!!

Anjeny said...

Ok Laura, I'm not saying this just because you're my best friend, the sister I was supposed to have but ended up on a different continent, I am going to say this from a mom who absolutely understand and appreciate what you are doing for boys.

I read your article, it wasn't at all written to single out boys or leave girls out. Generally speaking, girls, and I'm not saying that ALL girls, happen to have no problem getting into books whereas boys, it's a real treat when you can find a boy who have no problem liking book so you creating a book club for boys is a very beneficial thing.

I have actually never heard of a book club for boys until you started yours. Usually the book clubs are mainly for girls, women or mom/daughters so I applaud you tremendously for what you're doing. I was hoping that one day someone will come up with ways for my boys to like reading, because let's face it, I just don't have the energy or patience to do one so I am really glad you start yours.

Don't be afraid of the negatives out there...there will always be someone who will oppose to great ideas so stick to your guns and you will prevail. If you need anyone to be up in someone's face, I have no problem doing that for you..eheheh. Like I said earlier on the other side, I think somebody was just jealous that they weren't the one who thought of the idea first.

BTW, where were you today? I called a couple of times and even stopped by. Are you going to the card swap on Friday night?

Kristina P. said...

I think what you're doing is great! And truthfully, I do think it's generally harder to get boys to read than girls. There doesn't seem as many books geared towards boys as there are girls.

Keep your head held up high!

Sarah said...

I actually saw this article and those first few comments a few days ago, but figured your reply handled them quite well. Then it turns out that there have been quite a few more. Congrats on posting one of whipup's most controversial articles yet! I can't believe so many people can get their knickers in a knot over something like this!

Incidentally, I clicked through to one of the Negative Nellie's blogs and found a very interesting paragraph:
"I don’t think that C is as fanatical a reader as I was. While he reads continuously he never rereads books or uses their characters in his play. If I hand him the first book* it’s likely that he’ll whip through it cheerfully and then go back to drawing up his plans for snowball-throwing tanks**. On the one hand this makes me sad because I’d like to share the experience with him (in a way I really couldn’t with his WWII obsession)..."

Maybe he should join a special book club? ;)

April said...

What the what???? I left a comment yesterday and it didn't show rude!!! Anywhooo! I wanted to let you know that you did a GREAT job on the article. The crafters were rude. I am a crafter, owned a couple of craft stores and hosted craft shows for many years. They are a different breed and get VERY set in their ways. I know how to speak their language. hehehehe!!!!

Shelley said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad I found your blog, and I have looked at the bookclub4boys site for future ideas (at 22 months, independent reading isn't an issue... :) ).

I just wanted to add that I think the internet is sometimes like driving, people can get a little obnoxious in commenting because they are not communicating face to face. It's always brave to put your ideas out there in writing, so keep it up.

max said...

Not long ago, I came across a web site called Boys Behavior, from Troy Parish. Because of our mutual interest in helping boys become readers, Troy invited me to write an article. Find a link to Confessions of a Reluctant Reader here:

Max Elliot Anderson

Maria Peagler said...

I applaud your efforts to encourage boys to read. As an author of eight nonfiction books, I've also written children's novels, and been told by publishers they don't publish books for boys because they don't read! Michael Gurian is an excellent champion of reading for boys as well. Bravo for your efforts!

Jwill said...

I love the idea of a book club for boys. Not just because I have all boys (four) but because I am sometimes at a loss what kinds of books they would like. It took me a long time to realize they want adventure, no emotion or drama, a little suspense, and some gore (please go light though). I've figured out that they love to read about heroes. Whether the heroes come in the form of the boys from How to Eat Fried Worms or the Republic Starfighters in Star Wars.

So thank you for your site. Thank you for keeping it all BOYS, BOYS, BOYS.

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