Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting to Know YOU!

At my school they are having a business plan competition- where the first place prize is $15,000 to start your own business! Yippee!

So I am scrambling to write a business plan for

(The deadline is February 19th.)

As part of my biz plan I need to do some "Market Research". If you are interested in helping me out- and give HONEST answers please {click here}. Don't tell me how much you love me.. I know.. I know... When I was first constructing the website my mom and grandma had a difficult time giving me any constructive feedback. (It's Adorable!, You've done such a wonderful job!) While I appreciate the positive support- it doesn't really give me anything to build-or improve upon.


As a prize for helping me out- (You know how I like giving out prizes!) I have some signed copies of Mike Lupica's book: Comeback Kid. I haven't reviewed this book yet. ( His publishers- sent me these copies for a give-away!) I actually thought it would be fun if we read the book and then posted a review! Then you will have 3-4 perspectives on the book!

So how to play:

Copy the Market Research Questions.

Send me an email at: and paste the questions in the content area.

Then honestly answer the questions.

Those who participate: I'll put your name in a drawing for Mike Lupica's book.

I'll do the drawing around February 25th- after the shock of winning $15, 000 has worn off! { positive thinking}.


Amanda said...

My sister-in-law got $15,000 and all I got was this stupid book LOL

April said...

I will come back and look at the questions this weekend and I will send my sister over to do the same!

SWIRL said...

Thanks ladies!
Amanda.. lol... it's not for ME.. it's so my site can be ultra cool and super helpful! Right now I'm am very limited - serious shoe strings..

Amanda said...

Man, I should have added...
My sister-in-law went to Hawaii and all I got was this stupid if I get a book, I'm requesting a t-shirt to go with it LOL

Anjeny said...

I agree Amanda...all you get is a book and she gets $15,000. Hmmmmm, maybe you should write a list of little tid bits for her to drop here and there for you from her win...LOL.

So Laura, I answer all those questions, I help you win, I get a book I've never heard about, hmmmmm, will you still invite me over when you become a very successful woman? ahahahah. Will you still drop me a vanilla coke even though I'm off caffeine? LOL

I kid I kid, no need to start frowning...LOL.

Anjeny said...

Ok Laura,
I did your research questions already. You can check your email now.

T said...

I answered them and TRIED really hard not to add a bunch of useless tripe... but you know me :)

Best luck on the $15,000 - with that you could start doing the book club in a box AND re-design (not that I'm knocking it... I know NOTHING about design!)

SWIRL said...

I know- ladies the $$ is for the biz! They won't let me take a family vacay with it or buy a big screen TV like my boys/husband wants...

it's to improve the site! Last year the company that won was a girl from Mongolia who was the first from her family to go onto college and she started a llama/textile company..
so really- I don't know if I have a shot or not at the $$ but I thought.. If I am serious about making- a - go of this business.. I need a business plan!

Martha said...

When I get a chance I'll do it. Hey we missed you at the ward party. Not too many people came. Lots of good food and Perry's band was loud.

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