Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give Some TLC

I live in a house of boys- have I told you that before?
Well- our house.. is very.... functional. Practical... uh...
I try. I do try to give it a "women's touch" .. but I can't invest too much of my heart because things tend to get broken by flying balls and rough housing.. so I wouldn't want my heart to be broken too if something were to be crushed, shattered, splattered... knocked off the wall .. etc..

But it's almost valentines day.. and I don't have one pink heart up, not one red-hot candy to be seen.. not a conversation heart to be found.. in our house.
It's not too late!
I was visiting some blogs this morning and visited Sarah- over at Once Upon a Dream. {here}

So many cute ideas... to share the love.
I'm gonna do it.
Get my construction paper out.. make some hearts... {we've already made our pretzel treats and eaten the whole bag worth! We have to make more- for tomorrows teacher gifts!}
But it's not too late!
(for those of us- procrastinators...)


Kristina P. said...

Don't feel bad. I don't have anything either!

Ter said...

You live in a house full of boys?
Why am I just finding this out now?

lol if anyone reading your blog doesn't know you've got 4 boys, they haven't really been reading your blog, now have they? ;)

Ter said...

btw I emailed you a bit ago, don't know if you got it...

T said...

For YEARS we had an all boy (+a mom) house - and I think I was very comfortable there because we still don't have any pink hearts and frilly stuff... of course, the 4 year old girl has been very upset by this and has requested a trip to the store so that we can decorate... hopefully she'll be okay with cookies :)

Anjeny said...

Gee, I haven't done anything at all. Right now I am not too happy with any of my elementary kids' teachers so I don't even want to waste my time and talent on them...LOL.

I've got all these cute ideas I want to try out but I'm too lazy. I think I'll just have the kids make treats or something...maybe, just maybe I'll send a card to each of the kids' teachers.

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