Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Book!

ONLY 64 pages but packed with plot and characters. This is a great read for older boys with lower reading skills. This story was inspired by the challenges of growing up in the inner-city. Chess Rumble follows Marcus, a boy who is angered by the death of his sister, the absence of his father and the stress of a bullying classmate. He's one punch away from being kicked out of school and his home when we finds an unlikely mentor and medium in the game of Chess.

I love the analogy Chess Rumble explores: using the strategic game Chess to help young people see they need to anticipate and calculate their moves through life. A very empowering book!

This book easily lends itself to a book club activity. It would be great to learn some real strategies and let the boys play Chess with each other.


T said...

I've been a terrible slacker - I've read about 5 books this week and reviewed NOTHING - but when I catch up I'll stick this on the to-be-read list because it sounds good!

Bernadette said...

I love the recommendation for an older boy with lower reading skills. My son is dyslexic loves to read and finding books in that category is always a pleasure.


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