Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great Series for Older Boys with Lower Reading skills

I forgot about this great series- until I got that email asking about books for 6th graders who read at 2nd-3rd grade levels.

This series was soooo good. Very suspenseful, action packed, full of mystery and excitement- yet a mere 150 or so pages. (So not intimidating in size.)

Brief summary: Aiden and Meg Falconer are on the run- having escaped from a detention farm to clear their family name and free their parents from prison. The FBI are after them, so is a killer and with both parents in jail it's up to them to find the one man who can prove their parents innocence.

When I first read this series I thought the content would be too scary for my 3rd grader. But for older boys with lower reading skills this would be a wonderful fit!

I invite you to the Round up today and drop a link in one of my categories!
Especially if you know of a book that would be great for reluctant readers!


T said...

what a perfect fit! - it is easy reading, but more advanced content than I was ready to throw at my 3rd grader... the older boys read them quickly and enjoyed them!

blanco bunny said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment...I already have my first book club topic picked out and wrote about it on my blog. I am hoping to find some boys interested in being part of our club. I will have to check out this book...I have several older nephews who like to read. Thanks for the recommendation!

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