Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a Reminder

It's not too late to enter my give-away!
Click here to learn how.

This really cool book club t-shirt is one of the prizes.
Also- I have another- Marketing survey I would love for you to fill out

ALSO - the ABC List of Books on my website: is a great place to see a list of Book Club Outlines we have available and see the NEW ones we've just added. Also you might find some Books we are currently working on!

I'm taking classes at a local college- trying to learn how to start a business and they are having a Business plan competition.
So- having a Market Survey is part of gathering important information that hopefully help me tailor and cater my site and information to things YOU need and YOU WANT!

I have another video project due this week. I've been working so hard on it! You know when you see videos on You-tube or more professionally done productions.... they make it look so easy! (Maybe I've watched too many ICarly shows.)

For my assignment: I had to watch a video /tutorial and just all the things as a director you have to think about. Lighting, Lines, (not just the words but composition lines in the back-ground) Did you know the law of 1/3?? That it is more visually pleasing to have things off center.. then SMACK centered.. ? Colors : choice of background and clothing .. to set the mood and add to the composition...
I don't know- there were like a million tips. I was confident when we were first assigned the project then after watching the tutorial.. and after a handful of attempts to capture clips .. I realized this is harder than I thought! (good thing I started early!)
I'll post it by Friday...


T said...

I was a theatre/film major in college (yes, that does explain a LOT about my humor) so I lived by the law of 1/3rd...

I'm off to fill out your new marketing survey - they're much more fun online than when some weirdo calls me on the phone :)

Becky said...

I am a market research analyst and can help analyze your survey data if you need help. Let me know!

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