Monday, March 2, 2009

2 New Book Club outlines!

On my site: I've added some new things! IF you ever want to quickly see what is new on my site... check the ABC listing of Book Club Outlines. (CLICK HERE)

First is this really fun book: The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling
(Click here to be magically transported to my free outline. )

A modern twist to the classic tale King Midas' and his Golden Touch. John loves candy but especially chocolate! He thought he loved chocolate more than anything in the world.. until he finds a mysterious old coin and strange candy shop. After eating just one piece of chocolate from this candy shop everything tasted like chocolate! Brushing his teeth was never so yummy! But John quickly discovers his chocolate touch was more than even he wanted.

IF YOUR SON belongs to our BOOK CLUB- We are going to start this book this WEEK.. and have our book club during spring break!
(I have a different copy of this book- and mine is only 86 pages. The copy of this story with the picture above.. says it's over 100. That version must have more pictures or something . :0)

Another NEW thing: I added a page of books that go along with cub scouting electives. {HERE}
When I am previewing books for book club- I get so excited when they match up with cub scouting electives. It's like double-tasking... we are working on scouts.. but using those fun activities for our book club at the same time! Double Whammy! Win-Win. What possibly could be better? If you find a book that fits along with a scouting elective.. please add it to our list!


Kristi Chase said...

Hi, I just found your website. I love it! I have enjoyed looking over your blog and the book club one too. I have one little (5 months) boy. I have been a huge reader my whole life and am already trying everything I've heard to get him to like books. Your website makes me excited to have him grow up so I can do a fun book club. (Which is a new one for me, I am always telling him to stay little forever.) Thanks for all your ideas and help. I hope your website is still around when I am ready to start a book club with him. When is the earliest to start storytime? Two?

Emily said...

LOVE the idea to combine bookclub and scouting. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

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