Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Story

When I first started hosting boys book clubs( over 5 years ago).. it was more of a story time. I encouraged the boys to try and bring a book they could share. One of the boys brought this book: Pete's a Pizza.
It is a nice story- but what I like about it so much is years later.. we are still playing the game.
In the story Pete is bored or sick.. it's raining... or something... and in attempt to cheer him up/ make him feel better/ get his mind off his woes... his father "turns" him into a pizza. ( Pretending to kneed and roll him out, add his favorite toppings and bake him on the couch.)

This morning.. my youngest was soooooooooooooo grumpy when I was trying to get him dressed. I remembered this story and starting making my own "pizza"..
Lots of giggles, and laughs and fun.

I'm thinking this might be a theme for an upcoming story time.... and the kids could make English-Muffin pizzas as a snack/lunch.

Just wanted to share... and encourage you to join our book club round up- by posting books you and your boy enjoy!

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Ter said...

I laughed at the title, I can only imagine how much fun the whole book is! :)

Sarah said...

Hmm... might have to try that on my brother Mr Sunshine when he's being a grump. I don't think he'd appreciate it, especially if I tried to put pineapple on him!

PS Your popularity meter's gone way up since yesterday, so I'd say you're in with a good chance!

Joni said...

When my oldest was a toddler we used to read "Big Machines, Big Buildings" aka. "The Lot at the end of my Block" over and over and over again. He just loved construction and the repetition of the ryhmes. To this day, whenever we catch him saying "this is the..." we will tease him by ending his sentence with "at the lot at the end of my block!"

T said...

we love that book around here too...

and I must apologize for being a bad rounder upper lately - I swear, I'm getting my life in order REALLY soon!!!

Emily said...

Great, now I'm hungry

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I gotta read it. I voted for you again.

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