Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FYI- We Can!

Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition
I am a contest junkie- I'll admit it.
I rarely win... and winning is fun
but I get my thrills in just participating and the anticipation
Scholastic and Subway kids have partnered up with this program to encourage kids to exercise and eat healthy. Prizes include $5,000 worth of sport equipment for your school and Subway cards and basket.
If you want more information you should click {HERE}
To participate you and your child pick one of the "Story Starters" below as a way to begin to describe how he or she eats healthy, stays active, or limits recreational screen time.

My family and I stay healthy by eating...

My family and I keep active by...

Instead of watching TV or playing video games, I like to...

I have tried to help others be healthy by...
If you attach a subway receipt- you can get a free book! (while supplies last)
I don't know about you- but we are on Spring Break- and this is a sneaky way I'm going to get my kids to do some homework.... (tee hee)
Party - on!


Amanda said...

I heard about this last year, but unfortunately they won't allow homeschoolers to participate as they are not "organized" groups that can receive the money :(

Great for your kids if they are active in school sports, though!

Good luck!

Emily said...

Sounds great! Thanks!

T said...

very cool idea - our spring break is over, but I'm always looking for good things to do while we're sitting around at the ball park watching the boys play

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