Saturday, March 7, 2009


Those of you who really know me.. know I am organizationally challenged by nature. Here is how I currently organize my books: tucked in a cabinet.....

haphazardly stuffed under a coffee table.....

and the last picture is of my "book drawer". A dresser in our guest room full of neatly organized books.

I didn't think much about it- really. I mean, books are so stack-able, and I like to stack.

I've got a book bin.. under my computer desk of books I want to blog about. (the poor bin is busting at the seams...) I've got books stashed and dashed in every nook and cranny, on bedside tables, in bags, in my car... I never really thought there might be a better way to organize them UNTIL... I stumbled upon a site that has inspired me.

My newest blogging BFF is such a Book Worm~ she is a home educator- who has a wonderful site.

Hanging Plate-holder/ book holder:
How cute is that?

As I was browsing around I fell in love with all her many ideas of how to display kids books around the house.

I love this idea of a children's book rack.

Click here to learn how to make one of your very own!

And look at her great rain-gutter book shelf!

She changes out the books seasonally- easy to access and easy to clean up! She is brilliant!

Here are more pictures of rain-gutter book shelves.

Like I said, I'm so inspired!


Ter said...

I wish I had the tools and space to make my own shelves. Oh and the skills! ;) Thanks for sharing!

Kristina P. said...

It looks like something out of a library! Love the rain gutter shelves.

T said...

I love the rain gutter shelves... but I don't think there's enough gutter at Home Depot to de-clutter my book supply!

(my computer desk "to be reviewed" stack is currently at 9...)

SWIRL said...

My only thought about rain gutters- aren't they made out of plastic?
I think my kids would destroy them.. they look adorable though...

Sarah said...

Great ideas! I quite like that hanging plate/book rack.

Amanda said...

gutters are actually shaped metal, there's a machine that takes a flat piece of metal and extrudes it into the right shape and length. Occassionally a gutter company may have left over pieces of short guttering that they won't be able to one and see if you can have the pieces, tell them you're reusing them, not recycling for money and they may just let you have some.

Another option is if they will let you have pieces that aren't in too bad of condition that have been removed from a home for replacement. Sometimes a section on a house might be damaged but not the entire piece. You could cut off the bad spot and keep the good spot :) Just a couple ideas :)

Also, I love her book lists!!! I've gotten some grat ideas already and will definitely be bookmarking for later reference.

Becky said...

I like the rain gutter shelves too! Very creative!

Monica said...

What fabulous ideas! Thanks!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh I love these ideas!!

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