Saturday, March 7, 2009

Once again.......

The last Biz Competition I entered in was so much fun- I've entered a NEW/DIFFERENT Business Competition. This time at StartupNation. You can vote daily. I know.. you are cringing.. not another Biz Competition...
(No cash reward this time- But much needed networking- to help get the word out!) is an on-line resource for parents. Our FREE action- oriented book club outlines are designed to motivate and reward reluctant readers. We have book reviews about great books boys like as well as act as a directory/community for kid book clubs to share their ideas and outlines. Book clubs are no longer limited to avid readers. They are a great tool in helping reluctant readers connect to books!

{The voting button is on my left side bar...}

But seriously- last week was so inspirational! (even if I didn't win...)
It was amazing to hear the stories behind these successful businessmen and women. Hear their motivating thoughts and feel buoyed up... because it is a bit frustrating trying to start your own business.

They each stumbled upon their business opportunities and after a few speeches I realized no one is going to plot out my course. No one is going to do the work for me.. I've got to plug along.. and connect the dots. But I realized- they aren't brilliant people.
And like one man said- you don't have to have a lot of great ideas- just one.

Anyway- thanks for all your support and well wishes.
It is much appreciated along my journey.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY for YOU! I love this post.

Amanda said...

Just last night I was telling your dad about your great support network, it's funny you're mentioning it too :)

Good luck with the new competition, you know we're always here to help with ideas, feedback, and love!

Emily said...

voted! Good luck!

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