Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Side-Tracked Myself- TWICE to the Library

Okay- so I am diligently cleaning.. getting the house ready for my sweet mother's visit.
HONESTLY- I have every good intention.
I changed and washed the sheets on the bed.
Cleared space in the closet and dresser for her.
Mopped the floor

But I did find myself at our local library TWICE today. Which is saying something.. because if you remember.. I have a phobia with our library. (click here to refresh your memory.)

You know how much I like to Double - Task. ( Piggy-back meals and combining Scouting Electives with Book Club activities = my best double tasking ideas up to date...)

Well- today I thought I would walk to our library to return my library books.
Knocking off two chores at once. ( Exercising and Returning my books.)
It's probably.. 1 mile.. maybe 1 1/2 miles away- I don't know it could be more- I'm horrible with distances.

So I start on this trek... with a back-pack full of books. My intention was to RUN there but I had forgotten what a pain it is to run with a back pack on... so it was mostly a brisk walk.

I was really enjoying myself- The route is mostly like this picture... country-ish.

And a little like this... once you get to Kahuku

Here's our Fire Station

Next door the Police Station

Here's a little convenience store across from the schools...

Our Public Library is actually the Kahuku Intermediate & High School library as well as a Public Library- BRILLIANT.
It's nice having a large-ish library to visit even if we do live in the bumpkins...

Then to my horror- this is the sign on the door!
How can it be closed at 9 am in the morning? on a school day?
How RANDOM is that?
On Tuesdays they open at Noon... every other day at 8 am.
(Just FYI)
But I noticed they were having a book sale- so I dropped my books off in the drop box.. and made my way to the side of the library for the book sale.
I didn't have any money on me- just my library card and that is worthless at a Library sale... so I just filled up a bag of books and told them I would be back at noon to pay and pick them up.
The sale was $5/bag of books! What a great deal!~

So I ...w-a-l-k-e-d ....home...
it actually was a lot better than walking there- because I had discarded 10 library books! What a load off my back! I was actually able to run a little.
Here's a church.. so quaint...

This I just laughed at... no matter how humble the home.. you have to have a DISH! - duh!
It's kinda hard to see.. mounted on the side of the porch- They obviously don't have kids! That thing would be knocked off if our DISH(es) were that low.

So I came home and cleaned some more... but had to hustle back to the library at Noon to pick up my booty!
22 (new-to-me) titles to read
5 copies of books I already own - but am collecting for future book club books...
Plus- 12 Ranger Rick Magazines... you know how much I love
Ranger Rick for helping older boys with lower reading skills!
Okay- but now I need to get SERIOUS!
No more time for side-track stuff...

I've got to finish the huge pile of laundry on my couch.. clean out some fuzzy food from my refrigerator... make a pot-luck dish for tonight's RS Birthday Party... practice double-dutch for my skit at the RS Birthday Party (don't ask: each auxiliary is performing).... , drive to hockey and back... attend the RS Birthday Party at 7pm then pick up my mom by 8:40 tonight..
NO- Problem!


Anjeny said...

Ok, now I'm a little confused, how in the world are you going to be attending RS birthday party doing a skit at seven and then pick your mother up at 8:40 tonight? That's like cutting it real close don't you think? Unless your RS start exactly on time and finish either thirty minutes later or an hour...which is it?

Either way, you sound absolutely swamped. Good luck!!

Emily said...

LOOVE the Great Brain books! Have you read those before?

Busy day! I like all the photos

SWIRL said...

I am going to the RS birthday party and skipping-hopping out early so I can pick up my mom

Martha said...

Nice picture tour. It's amazing all you can do now that Heath's in school. I'm thinking Tom needs to be in preschool next year.

Emily said...

I just saw your book club for boys because of the link on TAMN's site. You've done such a good job with that! It looks like a lot of fun.

I don't have any kids, but my three younger brothers are still at home and I know my mom is always looking for ways to get one of them (13) to read, so I forwarded it to her and hopefully they'll be able to do it and have fun with it.

Anyway, thanks!

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