Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry if I going MIA a little this week.. my mom is coming to visit!
I should have been cleaning like CRASH but I've been consumed with homework!
My technology class isn't just about learning HOW to do thing on the computer and web... we get graded on CONTENT too...
My most recent project was make a website and brochure...
you can see it here..
(after hours and hours of tweaking.. there is still a mistake- but it will have to be "good enough" my motto/mantra because I have kids and hockey and a home and family to tend to- plus did I say MY MOTHER IS COMING!
We are all so excited!
She is the first company in a while.. then after her visit we have someone every month..until September!
(It is always like that Feast or Famine... )

Okay- hope everyone is doing good and plugging along..


Kristina P. said...

I was wondering where you went! I haven't seen you in ages.

Have a great week!

Williams Family Paradise said...

Hi Laura,
missed you at the card night! i thought I would keep a card for you that I made when I go and youand I can exchange when we see each other? if you want no pressure I know you are soooooo busy too. Say Hi to yuor Mom, I met her last year when she came. She came to the card party! glad to hear alll is good with you.Busy means you are in the middle of your life! living it!! good job!Sista

Emily said...

Enjoy mom! Have fun!

Amanda said...

have a great time! She was not looking forward to the flight, but she was happy to think about all that will happen after the landing :)

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