Saturday, March 28, 2009

You've been waiting....

Before we get into the long- awaited- organizing photos... really cute blog- give-away... at

Mommy Diaries
Just started following her last week. long last! The organizing photos....
Remember... I used the book: Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens book by Julie Morgenstern.

I had an ah-ha! moment.. where dots connected.... and I finally learned how to organize and find homes for items? (My task was to make "stations" - like in a kindergarten classroom???)

the BEFORE and AFTER shots you have been waiting for...

drum roll please!!!
I've placed the photo's side-by-side... to help.. so you can really see
how just by putting key items away....
transforms a room from
to WA- LAAAAAA!!!!

First the Kitchen
the heart of every home....
my white cabinets never looked
more beauTiful!
Next our eating area
Just strategically place
a plant here and there...
really helps camouflage the water coolers!
I think these next rooms speaks for
the stations are pretty
and you get the picture.

Really our home is such a haven now... I can't believe I lived in such chaos and clutter!
If I can do it- anyone can!
(Disclaimer: results WILL vary... especially if you actually use photos or your own house.)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Ter said...

lol, you can't fool me that easily! ;)

Joni said...

That is so d*** funny! If it were only that easy :) The funny thing is, it is the exact same problem solving, space management, organizational theory I have been using my whole life...find a picture or article that tells you how easy it is, print it, post it and ta-da...problem solved! LOL!!


Anjeny said... had me going there for a sec. I was actually gonna run over there right now and demand how you manage to transform your kitchen and living room so fast like that...LOL.

I love the idea about the Kindergarten space making or making homes for everything but the difference is that the Kindies are not allowed to move from their spots, can't go to recess unless they put away what belongs in that space. And of course they go home after school so the teachers don't have to keep picking things up every five seconds.

I'd say you're doing a great job with what you're doing. The main point is to never give up making our homes a haven. How are the kids enjoying their spring break?

Sarah said...

LOL!! Can't wait to see the real photos! I love the disclaimer at the end.:)

Amanda said...

NICE! Brilliant! Now tack those pictures on the wall of each room as you enter it, look at the picture and envision the space as the picture is. Maybe it will transform in your mind's eye if not the real thing :)

I actually thought the before pictures were pretty should see the princess dress bomb that continues to go off in the girls' room each day!

T said...

your before pictures make my house look... well... cluttered. Amanda's "princess dress bomb" is pretty close to my life today!

the after pictures - maybe I'll just print those out and paste them inside my glasses so that I can pretend I live in an organized and clean place...

kids, I'm blaming it all on them - even the craft closet insanity - all their fault... probably wouldn't sew if the kids didn't wear clothes right?

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

That was hilarious. At first I was like holy crap- she is GOOD!!! Then I smartened up a bit :) Thanks for your comments on my blog. I seriously welled up after what you said. Thanks girl!!!!

Martha said...

So did you find your camera? I need to do before and after of my new valances. Except, mine will be real.

SWIRL said...

wh-wh-what?? you guys think I "doctored" up these photo's?? I'm appauled!

I did tell you my camera is MIA..
I thought it was funny I could find photo's that r-e-s-embled.. my actual rooms...

like the ratty bed spred on our bed with the nice green blanket in the organized room..

blue sheets on the boys beds, etc..

lia said...

soooo funny! I was wondering how you had all that time to paint and shop. he he he I like your plan much better. BTW love your website, blog it looks so different than the last time I saw it. I have much to learn!

Becky said...

Wow! I hope my organizing skills get to be as good as yours (*wink*)!

Jami said...

So THAT'S the secret...use pictures of other people's homes! God bless you, Swirl and all your little munchkins as well. I shall be posting pictures of my mansion every week now! (OK, maybe not.)

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