Monday, April 27, 2009

Are You Prepared?

I hate almost everything that has to do with food. Buying, Cooking, Chopping, stirring, baking, storing, growing,

pretty much everything but the eating part.

My hubby called and just wanted to know the situation of our pantry- in response to the Swine Flu- are we prepared?

Can we live off a 50 lb bag of rice and gallon jug of soy sauce
An assortment of dry cereal
An assortment of soups
Full Costco box of popcorn

I just hate to think about food storage- but I know I will hate it worse if we ever need to use our food storage and we don't have what we like to eat. So I started googling.
Here's a good site

I wouldn't say I'm a fanatic... yet

A friend of mine has a good plan:

She thought of 10 meals that she can make with pantry type ingredients. Then she bought enough to make each meal 10 times. (10 meals, 10 times = 100 meals!)

My challenge is: I don't know 10 meals I can make with my pantry stuff.

I've got 4 (and they are not great.)

Spaghetti- can sauce, noodles + can of corn

Crepes- pancake mix , brown sugar, SPAM/Chicken, Soy Sauce

Syrup (for waffles or pancakes)

Taco soup- Diced tomatoes, pinto beans , tomato sauce and salsa

If any of you PEEPs have a good meal you make from canned goods or pantry items- I am dying to hear.

Can you help a 'girl in swirl' out?


Sarah said...

You could make a pizza base with flour and water and maybe a bit of yeast, then serve with tomato paste and tinned pineapple, mushrooms etc. You might have to go without cheese, though.

val of the south said...

Scary isn't it? I just got an email from our ward emergency preparedness person on Pandemic Preparedness. I think I'll be making a trip to Sam's Club or Costco tomorrow. At least stock up on peanut butter and saltine crackers and canned fruit - that covers a bunch of food groups and meals!! :)

Emily said...

My favorite new site is

There is 3 parts to the site-
Preparing (shelf life, how to store certain things)

Buying (couponing, stockpiling)

Cooking (using food storage items)

I have nightmares about food storage- I've been working on it by buying multiples when I go to the store. My biggest problem is where to put it. Also, if I buy anything 'good' the kids inhale it like a plague of locusts (ok, and my husband, too)

T said...

I've been working on mine lately - and I think I could actually make Chili from Pantry staples (I bought some dried onion and yellow peppers... but it's better with fresh) and we have lots of rice!

What else? Spaghetti, but no corn here...

we have lots of refried beans... I could whip up my own tortillas (not saying they'd be tasty) and eat that... but again, no cheese...

We could live on Peanut butter and soup?

I guess I need to check out that website :)

Kara P. said...

What about freezing cheese? I've never done it but it seems like if you're going to cook it, it would be fine.

Not everyone is a fan but you could have variations of oatmeal...with canned fruit or raisens and nuts.

What about preparing and freezing meals? Does that count?

Sandi said...

I have a great recipe for white chili- it might be too much like the taco soup though..let me know if you want it :)

Ter said...

going to check out the sites posted by you and emily.

In regards to the one comment about freezing cheese, yes, it can be done. But you have to shred it first. it doesn't freeze solid like other foods, so it's perfect for pizzas, etc. I learned that trick from my husband, as they had lots of frozen cheese in the bakery.

hmm, it's been a while since I've done an inventory on my pantry. I make almost everything from scratch myself, but I can't say that it's all pantry stuff, some of it's from the fridge.

SWIRL said...

I like the freezing cheese tip! Thanks for sharing guys!
You are the BEST!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh this is a good post. I need to study this. I did this 10X10 recipe thing last year. I wonder what I wrote. I'll ponder on it.

Honey Mommy said...

I freeze shredded cheese all the time. That way I can buy it in bulk. I also have a chest freezer. That really increases my "food storage" options!

Kristina P. said...

I just finished writing up a post about the Swine Flu, and I mentioned that I am going to mooch off people with good food storage.

I would be willing to make the trip to Hawaii to help you with that.

Amanda said...

with your mother's food 'sensitivities' we have a fairly good selection of foods for food storage :) Good for her, good for us!

You can use my overnight oatmeal recipe (put dried apples in it rather than fresh)

April said...

If you freeze cheese it crumbles when you try to shred it, so shred it first then freeze. You can freeze milk too if you have a large freezer.

April said...

drrrrrrr.....I didn't read ter first....sorry!

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