Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best Girls Day EVER

Today- Martha, Anjeny, Crash, my mom and I went to the mall.
(Click on their names to read their versions....)
We agreed to all blog about it
- in self-defense really...
because CRASH had her camera
and she is so sneaky and sly...

she'll say thing like "Hey Swirl- stand by this sign and smile"---- I do
"Okay- now look surprised" -----okay, I blindly obey....

"okay.. now look annoyed"..again- I comply-- and then I wonder... why?

I know she has an evil plan to blog some imaginary story -
she flat out lies on her blog-
--but her readers don't know that! They think she's this really funny English teacher or something...
anyway - I am usually portrayed as her evil neighbor/nemesis... when really we are like BFF's!

So my version of today- goes as follows.
Today was my mom's last day. Instead of crying all day we thought it would be fun to have a girls day with some of my bestest friends on the island.

We went to the mall.
I agreed to drive.
Martha mentioned something about me not cleaning my car out, or asked did I clean my car out?? (I removed all the trash, wrappers, cups, plates, toys, clothes, etc.. and swept it out.)

I told her we have a towel down on the seat that son#4 sits on - cuz he is still in a booster and sticky spill and such are on the seat... but I tactfully stated
"So we sit on a towel and we don't make and issue about it."

Martha and Crash have cars that are always well vacuumed and void of gum on the seats and such. (Anjeny on the other hand.. has my back... she happily sat in the w-a-y back with the hockey gear stinking in the back hatch and didn't voice one word of complaint)

(Her daughter- Katliyn was ADORABLE and sang show tunes on the way home.)

Okay- so back to the mall... it was so much fun. We started out in Borders.. I ordered some books for book club. ( I started a new book club project: http://www.bookclubs4kids.com/ to officially start in June.)
Then looked at the Pet store..
We split up- as some had to run to the bank, and others of us went to SEARS
We met back at Arbys for lunch and then headed home . ( After a slight detour to Safeway so Martha could make good on a rain check for 10 brownie mixes for $10 and my mom wanted treats for her flight.)

Our day was so much fun! We just laughed and laughed. It was nice for my mom to see my friends- and us in "our element".

It was so nice to have a silly day on our last day. Otherwise I think I would have been sad all day.
So thanks ladies!
My post isn't that funny- I know.. but I think it will be interesting to hear the other ladies take on the day. (I'll link back to their sites when they've posted.)

I do need to apologize to Anjeny- poor thing drove in the w-a-y back seat there and back... and couldn't hear much of the conversation .

THANKS LADIES! We should do that more often!


Kristina P. said...

Wow, all of you together, at the same time. I wonder if that is what the island on Lost would be like.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha Kristina. You crazy chic.

Okay Swirl, that's not how it happened at all!!!

First of all, where's the boredom? That was the most boring day ever!

And I wasn't even going to mention your car in my post. I didn't even notice. And my car is not clean and vaccumed.

Who's the liar now? huh? huh? huh?


LY Swirl's MOM! Hope you had a safe flight back.

Anjeny said...

LOL Swirl...you should apologize for sticking me in the back with all the stench...ahahahah, kidding kidding. Actually the backseat is the best place to be when you want to eavesdrop or spy on your crazy friend or should I say the best place for an islander to poke fun at her haole friends...eheheh.

I did have fun. Thanks for inviting me along and hey, your car is way cleaner than mine so there.

Yes, Swirl's mom, you have a safe trip...Swirl, thanks for sharing her with us on her last day here.

Amanda said...

Jane said you guys were going to lunch...I envisioned a cafe along the beach not Arby's LOL

We're leaving soon to go pick her up from the airport...can I blog about her return since I couldn't be there for lunch? :)

T said...

now I'm going to have to read all the alternate versions of this same day... could be interesting!

Sandi said...

Arby's?????? you chose Arbys?

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