Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Butterfly- Birthday

One of my blog-friends known as T... blogged a few days ago about her daughter and raising a butterfly.

She had some questions about what to expect- so this post is for her... mostly.. but everyone is welcome to peek in.

before the butterfly hatches.. the shell turns transparent

my son was wanting to take pictures and write a book about butterflies so we were pretty much watching it around the clock...

He titled his book: A Butterfly Birthday

I used Shutterfly for the project... it was really a great project. We picked the pictures out and then he wrote the text about his experience in taking care of the caterpillar, feeding it milkweed leaves, and then watching it emerge from it's casing.

That was a few years ago ( I know he looks the same!) But he still likes to look at the book every once in a while. (He even brought it to class for show-and-tell... cuz he's an "AUTHOR" of a book! just like that one kid/author who wrote Eragon... we are on our way baby!)

ON a side note: MAN! I feel like I am in a funk... just... bla-a-a-a
might be cuz my mom just left- I don't know.

Hope I find my groove


Emily said...

don't be in a funk! go watch this video

Ter said...

that's awesome. So how did this start? did you capture a caterpillar or ??? I know I'm not a kid looking for a science project, but I wouldn't mind witnessing something like that! (and taking pictures!!)

Ter said...

p.s. I had to see what video Emily posted. I saw that one the other day. I wish I could hear well enough to know what is being said exactly, but I hear well enough to understand what's going on. I also hear well enough to know her voice is beautiful. The best part was seeing Simon's face when he realized she could sing. (maybe he won't judge people so harshly in the future) and also the part where he sighs all dreamy-eyed. lol so maybe he does have a little bit of a heart. ;)

Anyway I hear you about the blahhhhh days. Me too. Anyway.

T said...

SO cool looking - I can hardly wait!

Because we captured our caterpillars I'm not sure what kind of butterfly we're getting - our chrysalis stage is a little different already (lighter color... almost white instead of green)

thanks for the info - I've got M reading along and getting VERY excited!

April said...

WOW!!! That is awesome!!!

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