Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey All-

I got hit with allergies.

(I am calling it allergies... with all this swine flu talk... that comes to mind first. Luckily or (unluckily) I haven't been to Mexico or the Mainland in awhile... so.. more likely than not- my symptoms are just from all the vog in the air.)

sore throat- cough- headache and TIRED.

I did goto Cosco last night and bought some bulk.

Chili -- ( to go with my big bag of RICE and CHEESE- I now know I can freeze! -Brilliant ladies)
Just add water type deals... ( Ramen (my kids love that stuff- raw even!)
Pancake Mix: I am thinking I can make crepe type meals/deals with it.)

Canned Meats (sp)ham, chicken and Hash
Case of Can Corn, beans, Pineapple

I am thinking :
Hawaiian Haystack is a good pantry meal ( cream of chicken soup over RICE, cheese and really any other toppings.
Pancake mix is good for pancakes or crepes-- ( my curry chicken crepe, use can chicken. Hawaiian crepe use Spam and brown sugar with soy sauce.)

Chili and Rice with cheese
Taco Soup
Just Canned Soups and Ramen types

7 meals... x10... that's a start.

I miss my blogging friends-

I feel bad I haven't been posting as much as usual- DARN spring classes!

I am on the computer all the time- but trying to figure out assignments... and now.. with a headache--- I'm off to be to take a nap with my youngest. (I kept him home from school today too- with a cough.)

ALLERGIES -- not swine flu... there have been NO cases here in Hawaii!

poo.. thpoo... I don't even want to use that term!

nite nite


T said...

short, sweet, and to the point :)

Emily said...

Ha, are we dad's daughters or what?

I went to Walmart today and stocked up on $100 worth of stuff I'd want on hand if my house gets the flu (swine or any other flu)

Rubber gloves
trash bags
flu medicine

T said...

ahhh, all those words make it more exciting around here :)

My friend keeps saying she has a bunch of yummy recipes using Ramen - I need to steal them apparently, because I've stocked up on Ramen

But Emily got me thinking - I need to stock up on some non-edible necessities... like paper towels and medicines!

Emily said...

I usually keep a few things that I'd want if I get sick and can't get out immediately (saltines, ginger ale, jello)

Laura, they closed Rockville High School due to swine flu!

April said...

4 cases of infuenza A in St George. It is close. I stocked up on some things yesterday. Especially comfort food and water. Thanks for the advise!

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