Monday, April 20, 2009


what can I say about them?
I really love Mondays- honestly...

It's something about new beginnings..

or a start to a new week..

Off with the old and ON with the new!

Anyway- I am posting this out of order. This post is really after a later one about a book I had reviewed and I said I would post some paintings...

document my progress along my journey to find my
Artistic Identity
(oh brother! sometimes I can be so dramatic!)

This is my second painting.
It is inspired by our many drives back from town-- through the pineapple fields. I love driving over the rolling hills and having the Ocean lay before us...

This is son #4's painting

(I think he is inspired by ketchup.)

This is son #1's painting

His inspirtation is self-explanitory...

And son #2's painting.
I love the dome of the mountain...
Son #3 didn't feel like exploring his Artistic side that exact moment.
It was alot of fun.
I am trying to be a "flybaby" and not let my "perfectionism" prevent me from continuing to learn how to paint.
So I've vowed that I will ONLY focus on the positive and the process and not on actual outcomes. (It is okay- that I won't want to hang or present MOST of what I create.... ) That is my mantra...
I have to continually remind myself...

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