Monday, April 6, 2009

New Release!

Charlie West, a typical teenager enjoying his senior year. He likes to instant message, while working on homework and watching re-runs of Star Trek all at the same time. He's a black belt in Karate but gets tongue tied when around girls. An over-all "good kid". He studies hard, trains hard, and always tries to do the right thing.

So how in the world does he end up strapped in a chair, tortured with someone outside the door ordering his death? Charlie panics as he asks himself, "WHAT IS THE LAST THING I REMEMBER?".....

whoo.. hoo.. hoo

Really - good.


If you fell in love with the Alex Ryder series (Which -we did. My boys were hooked after watching the movie Stormbreaker. ) You will love this book even more!


well- I'll tell you why I loved it.
Charlie has a moral compass that gets him through thick and thin. Unlike the character Alex Ryder- he knows who he is, what he believes and these values and faith pull him through unlikely odds.
Just when you think- no way- he is not going to get through this scrape.... he does.. and it seems plausible!
Such a page turner!


T said...

I might have to check those out for my younger boy... or even the middle one maybe...

I love when a character has a good moral compass!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Coool. I gotta put that on my long list of things to read, which comes after my long list of things to do.

ARGH! I'm so overwhelmed right now. The laundry (clean and dirty) is taking over my house. We're buried in it.

melanie said...

This looks great - and we're big Alex Ryder fans.

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