Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Reading

I know most of us are just getting out of the Spring Break Fog- who wants to start thinking about Summer already?


With my mom gone- and in attempt to try and shake the blues- I am looking forward to the next batch of company, our summer plans and how summer reading will fit in?

And as a sneak - peek for my faithful friends....
I am starting another book club site- that will feed into
... drum -roll please....

it is not really up and running yet- I just put up the lay-out and have started working on content ( who we are?, what we do?, why? etc..) This site comes in answer to the many emails I've received about:

What about girls?

What about my son who is a great reader already?

What can I do - if I want my child to be in a book club- but I don't want to host one?

This site is going to have book reviews by kids- for OUR kids can find great books they might like to read. ( If you child would like to submit book reviews- click here for information!)

Also- I will... on occasion... host a book club ON-LINE! Our first Book Club On-LINE will be this Summer. I found a great book to start us off! I am also trying to gather items for weekly give-aways during the book club weeks. ( To motivate the kids to keep up with the assigned reading pages and reward participation! If you would like to donate anything... contact me at

Here's a sneak peek into MVP* (Magellan Voyage Project) by Douglas Evan

RL- 9yrs- 12 years old

What is Adam Story to think when a strange man wearing all black (including a black turban and cape) visits him at school?

IS this guy for real?

Should Adam believe his story about being a Prince who wants to sponsor the first 12 year old to travel around the world in 40 days- unchaperoned and no planes allowed?

For sure this man is a loony- who wears capes but magicians and vampires?

Still- going on an all expense paid adventure around the world sounded much better than a summer filled of sports camps with kids he's never met.

If you would like your child to participate- be sure to get your copy by June 15th! I'll have a book mark/ page assignments to down load- and make sure your child will be able to post comments on a blog. (I will randomly pick winners from the comment box each week- rewarding those who participate!)

I am so excited! This book was fast-paced and offers great opportunities to learn a little about geography and cultures around the world.


T said...

so fun! I'll have to pick up a copy for the 9 year old... and maybe for the 7 year old...

I was just thinking it was time to start working on the summer reading prizes for my kids - gotta keep 'em reading! We always fill the hallway with a reading chart for them to mark off & earn prizes

SWIRL said...

Great idea T!
I know.. I try anything and everything to keep the reading momentum going.

lilia said...

So excited! I wanted to do a book club for my girls and their friends this summer. I was considering the same thing as "T" with prizes and fun experiences (thanks for you inspiration). But count me IN.

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