Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swirls back in her groove!

Hi one- Hi all... i'm back!
It feels like I 've been out of touch for a while.. living in a fog..grog..
a new school term has started and I am out of my "missing my mommy"mode... no time for that! I need to be the mommy again! ( and a student.) My school blog is up again... same teacher.. different assignments... I pimped it up so i would have the cutest blog on the block in class.

So sparkly and girly!
((I let my mom be-dazzle it. (CRASH- was teasing her about her studded jacket- but we all were in envy.))

If you haven't been over to bookclub4boys.com lately- you should go. ESPECIALLY if you have a teenage son and are on the hunt for books he might like. (visit Bookclub4boys.com-especially if you want to win free books- jump in our book club Round UP!!!)

ANYWAY- I had a sneak peek- at a GREAT book just coming out this month!
The Last Thing I Remember... by Andrew Klavan. It is soooo good! Suspenseful, page-turner, mystery, thriller... but written with a teenager in mind. (It's like an age appropriate: Bourne Identity). Along the lines of the popular series.. Alex Rider- but way better in my mind because the main character is just a good kid- trying to do the right thing. (and terrible things happen- but he doesn't loose his faith in good.)

Ya know what I mean?? The adults in his life aren't idiots and untrustworthy... I hate how popular shows and some books make adults and typical role models like parents, coaches, and teachers double cross or twist things to make their students/children's lives miserable. (Unlike Alex who feels betrayed because his uncle LIED to him his whole life... his parents aren't really who they said they were... etc, etc... his whole life was a LIE!)

This book is very empowering and extremely entertaining!
Honestly I can't say enough about it.
Now- Martha, my neighbor and blog stalker, thinks I promote too many books with the phrase:

But the truth of the matter is.. I read a bunch of books and many I don't ever mention.. But maybe I should ramble on the list of books I've read.. so you can see for yourself.. out of 5-10 books Swirl has picked this one to post about.

I might do that.

What do you think? Would that add credibility to my recommendations? Just asking.


T said...

Considering that I have read a bunch of "'meh" books this week... I'm considering just not mentioning any but the good ones! Of course, then the book blog would fill up a LOT slower!

Bookworm said...

Thank you for my prize! I'm SO excited!!!!

My email address is:

THANK YOU! I cant wait to read it!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY you're back. I think YES, it would be cool to say that, but it's also assumed so no need. If you love a book you gotta shout about it. Thanks for the recommendation.

And I loved your mom's bedazzling jacket. :) She's got bling.

We're facebook friends now. ha ha ha

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