Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2- of my newest favorite people!

Okay- I got this cute new side widget with some cool links -- off on the left side bar--- and I clicked on the Educational post and found these two ADORABLE teachers!

They are BFF's from college- one now living in California and the other in New York but they have these sites to keep in touch.

How cute! What a clever way to stay in touch and connected!!

Emily has some beautiful photographs of New York... not the bustle and lights like I invision.
Lori is a graphic artist and has her own cute etsy shop with printable designs.
(Oh yeah- and then their full-time job as teachers...)

I am seriously in love with her Menu planning cards. They are adorable and functional and dare I dream??? that they will help with my meal planning??

I suggested she add a card: My personal favorite "Yo Yo Night" to the assortment. (You're On Your Own).

Also- if you were ever tempted to make a quiet book- Lori has researched all the creative ideas in the blogsphere- you should look at her post before you proceed. (HERE)


Lori said...

Thanks for the great idea!

Amanda said...

cute stuff! links aren't working, though.

T said...

I've done menu planning cards for years - but mine are rubber banded together scuzzy 3X5 cards that don't look nearly so cute... these are MUCH cuter!

SWIRL said...

Thanks amanda- I fixed those links...they are the cutest friends! Makes me want to start a blog with my ol college roommate.

Anjeny said...

Those are cute. Dare I try them?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are such a good blogger. It's incredible. I love the menu cards.

And I LOVE the YOYO night!

Emily said...

How sweet of you to mention us!! I love doing the photography blog with Lori and her CiCi Studio shop is fantastic. She's not actually a teacher, though. My sister Heidi and I are the teachers who run Second Story Window. Just wanted to clear up the confusion.

Thanks again for the mention. You have a delightful blog!

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