Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beautiful weekend!

Yesterday was so beautiful!

(Oh- and happy mothers day- before I forget.)

Yesterday started out rough-

we had to leave the house by 6:45 for hockey PLAY-OFF games.

My husband was so excited and trying to inspire us to hurry- but the kids and I were exhausted. (From Friday night practice- and playing in the sun and heat most the day.) So it was a little hard- the turn around. ( We got home the night before at 9pm- then slept to just wake up and do it again.)

I tried to explain that to my husband and he sputtered in dis-belief


I know- but our son is 6 years old... I mean... cut him some slack

We spent the day at the rink and shared pot-luck after each game. I love hockey pot-lucks because people just sit around and chat.

(Now that I type that- this is strange for me- I've mentioned a few times on my blog I don't like neighborhood potlucks- why? That's a topic to investigate later.)

Survival Tip for Spending a day at a Hockey Rink:
I figured out a secret to getting my 3 year old to sit by my side under the shade
( instead of chasing him around in the sun for 8 hours) Let HIM take the pictures... he happily sat next to me for a good 30 minutes snapping picture after picture...

(sorry to make anyone envious of my ample bosoms...
I was slouching- I hope!)

My boys won their games- but more importantly they were good sports. ( I hate bad winners and bad losers. ) I like my husbands perspective: He told our boys- " if you ever cry after losing a game- you are going to sit out the next game. NO CRYING- it's not that big of a deal. EVEN if you play awful...sometimes you are going to have a bad game... it's nothing to cry about!"

There are a handful of boys in our league who are such poor sports if they win or lose... and if they lose they cry about it... and not just shed a tear.. but
big boo hooing /sobbing crying and throw their gear around.

So I am glad we try to keep it in perspective. The coaches are great too- in helping the boys sort-it-all -out. I'm grateful for our coaches. ( I could go on and on... about the coaches.. they are not just "meat-heads" who love hockey and think life is all about sports. My second sons coach is a elementary school teacher and she is going to tutor my sons this fall around our hockey schedule. Another hockey dad/coach gives "hockey homework" for the boys to do. Mostly it is looking up words like : team, discipline, etc...) They are some really good people.

Anyway- it was fun... but HOT. So my husband suggests we stop off at the beach on the way home and swim. (WONDERFUL idea- except I don't have a swimsuit. I mean- they are going to swim in shorts... but I would have to wear full-on clothes... ) So my husband offers to drop me off at Walmart for 20 min while he runs the car through a car wash and get gas.
Okay- sistas
20 min to buy a swimsuit?

Would you be up to the challenge?
I was sprinting... grabbed all the one-piece suits in my size and headed to the dressing room. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO Proud of myself... I had found a suit and shorts in 30 min!

When he drove up- I could tell the car hadn't been washed.. so I thought: "oh- dear! They are going to be grumpy if they have just been waiting in the car..." ( the car wash place was closed)

My sons blurt out "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!?!?!"
They were under the impression I could just pull a swim suit off the rack and buy it - without trying it on.
So I spent the half our trip from walmart to the beach educating them in the horror of swimsuit shopping. That not all swimsuits in my SIZE are made for my BODY TYPE.

1. I'm PEAR shape... so smaller up top.. some suits are made for busty women.. no good- if I can't fill out the top.

2. I have L-O-N-G torso.. so some suits the top stretches down to my belly button, or ride up my rear... ( not good coverage- anywhere)

THEN I had to buy shorts.. because of course I hadn't SHAVED sufficiently to wear a swimsuit in public!?! I need some advance notice for this...
My boys were plugging their ears and tuned me out... the complaining about how long I took- quickly changed to pleas of NOT making them re-live my thought process in buying a new swim suit.
We ended up having a blast at the beach.
The water was colder than I like- so I offered NOT to get in- but my husband INSISTED I was getting in after buying a new suit -just for this trip.
I was so proud of myself - not only did I get in -- but I jumped off this HUGE rock! I was like "Malibu fun-loving barbie" in my swirly bathing suit (complete with shorts) and willing to do all kinds of crazy stuff.
We didn't have my camera- but next time we go - I'll get a picture. It was amazing. I am scared of heights... so jumping off this rock was a real accomplishment. Facing a real fear. (I'll blog about it later when I have pictures to prove the tale.)
Anyway- can't wait to read about other people's mother's day.


Ter said...

oh poor swirl! lol

Well that'll teach 'em for complaining next time!

(btw, great idea getting the little one to take photos!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Woohoo! Why didn't you take a photo of yourself IN that malibu-fun loving swirly bathing suit.

Glad you had so much fun!

Anjeny said...

Seriously laughing out loud on the education of buying a swimsuit. I can totally picture the boys' faces when you're telling them about the insufficient

Proud of you for facing your fear head on...glad you had fun.

Amanda said...

wow! I can't believe you discussed shaving qith the boys LOL too funny!

glad you had an awesome time! my day started off with spanking my 3 oldest children then going back to bed in tears,,,I don't think I'll blog about my mother's day.

Kristina P. said...

Men just don't understand swimsuit shopping! Great job!

T said...

forget 30 minutes for a suit... I'm SO impressed that you could find one after looking in only ONE store!

and a Swirl suit at that!

and the shaving discussion... hahahahaha

SWIRL said...

T- I KNOW! I was impressed that I found one in WALMART of all places.

By the time I got to the shaving bit- they were plugging their ears and yelling, "la-La- LA-LA!!! DAD MAKE HER STOP!"

yeah- sometimes it has to get graphic for my boys to realize IGNORANCE is bliss...when it comes to "girl matters"

and CRASH- I think we ALL know why I don't pose in my swirl suit-- not that I don't look totally HOT- but just the wrong tan-lines with a brand new suit and all... (pah!)

Amanda- sorry your mothers day wasn't a day full of merriment. But it's good for kids to learn early in life- "don't mess with mom- on MOTHERS DAY!"

Becky said...

Swimsuit shopping can really be a bear--good for you being able to do it so fast!

Emily said...


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I'm surprised the poor boys didn't run away screaming at that story!

Janssen said...

Very cute swimsuit. Well done :)

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