Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday CRASH!

It's Crash's Birthday today!!

Everyone HOP over to her site (HERE) and give her a "birthday spank" in her comment box...
if you have never visited her site- you are in for a treat. She is he-larious!

(I need to make a sign though for her door--- like one of those BEAR signs that says "Don't Feed the Bears"...

Her's would say- "Don't Give her DEW" Code Red Mountain Dew is her posion of choice.
So don't bring any DEW with you.)

I've been so busy with school, hockey, planning a 3-day scout camp, and tending kids with VOG- symptoms (sounds like fog-- but it's ash from the neighboring volcano)
I almost missed her birthday!!!

What a terrible friend! Especially since she was so sweet and made the cake for my suprise party last year!

I am so glad I followed my 3 year old over to her house yesterday and let him play in Martha's pop-up pool. ( they are neighbors) so I was able to camp out on her porch and watch my son play... other-wise I would have NEVER heard Martha excitedly tell Crash what she was making for her (crash's ) birthday present.

So here is my gift to Crash.
A set of cards and a Birthday Calendar.
(If you have never heard of a Birthday Calendar: it's a calendar that you record birthdays on so each month you can - at a glance- see what birthdays are coming up.)
It's a good thing- and something I NEED obviously!
Happy Birthday CRASH!


T said...

my birthday calendar isn't anywhere NEAR that cute - but you are a card Pro! (I know, because I have one here... thanks for that - now I just need to read the book!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! I love birthday tributes. And I love your birthday presents. Cards cards cards. I would have settled for your chicken crepes, but cards last longer and bring more joy to others.

Now I feel bad I told you guys NO friends allowed on my porch while I'm gone. :)

btw, so thankful you're planning the 3 day camp. I hear it's at Gunstock. YAY!

Anonymous said...

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