Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy MAY DAY!!- one and all!

May Day is a big celebration here in Hawaii. The kids get all dressed up and perform-- they spend weeks on rehearsals and parents really roll up their sleeves to help with costumes...

Okay- I am STILL having trouble up-loading pictures!!
The kids were adorable!
But you might have to visit - CRASH's site or ANJENY's site to see.
Our school - puts on Rock Star quality May Day performances.


T said...

I was sad when the day was SOOOO stinkin' busy that I realized its significance only AFTER the swine flu epidemic meeting, baseball, and all that jazz... somehow it seems to me that 10:00 p.m. is a little late to go delivering baskets of flowers :(

SWIRL said...

all day yesterday I tried to upload some pictures... this post isn't complete.. - hopefully I'll be able to add some photos of the cute costumes!!!

but off to hockey right now.

Anjeny said...

Hey, we video taped Heath..he was soooooo darn cute, shaking his booty like Couldn't find Hatrick all that moving around, got a good shot of Hunter and since Hugh and Jonathan were right beside each other, we got really good video of them both.

I haven't even checked my camera to see how the pictures turned out...I hate my camera, it's been giving me all kinds of grief. Thank goodness for camcorders!!

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