Thursday, May 14, 2009

Met a new friend

Met/found another cool mom on the web- Karine at No Girls Allowed.

Those of you who have girls...I hope you don't get offended. It's just envy or maybe the need to embrace our station in life- of being mothers to all boys- that we perpetuate this mentality.

Anyway- I went to visit this sista and found a great post/ product on her site: {HERE}
She has a cute shop where she sells items that appeal to boys!

This product though- caught my eye- for my resistant readers. Those who are not reading for fun... but for time. To fulfill a homework assignment. These are bookmarks with a timer on top! How cool is that?

If you have boys (or tomboys) you should go visit her site- she has found some great items that POP and whiz and are right up the alley of boys of any age.


Emily said...

Very cool. My kids use timers for everything... how long to practice piano, who's turn it is to hold the baby, EVERYTHING.

April said...

Love that idea....I think my sister will love it too for her boys!

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