Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ter's Card Challenge

Okay- this isn't floral- but I thought it was a really cute card I made last year for mother's day.

The purse is made from a "tab" punch.. then just added ribbon for the handle.

This next one- "So Glad We're Friends"- was simple too- using designer paper... behind the words there are rain boots stamped in light pink- that part is hard to see... I made this card the last time Anjeny and I got together to stamp...
(The bird- is her stamp)


SWIRL said...

can you believe what I do at midnight?? I just couldn't sleep!

Anjeny said...

Love the card...the first card you have that you swap last year is one of the cards I'm giving away to those wonderful ladies who are following my blog for Mother's Day.

I've got all these Mother's Day cards now and no one to give it to besides my MIL and my SILs back home can't understand (inside joke for my and sibs).

Why can't you sleep? Are you stressed out or something? Hmmmm, someone's been drinking caffeine

Ter said...

great cards! Thanks for participating!

I should seriously consider moving to hawaii.... great weather year round... and people to make cards with! :)

SWIRL said...

It is STRANGE=== Anjeny
I have been up since 6:30 am YESTERDAY... I stayed up ALL night on the computer... then classes all day today... cannot figure out what my deal is?? I am not stressed about ANYTHING! there is nothing on my is just ON and aware of everything- that I couldn't sleep.. I am going to crash hard tonight I hope.

SWIRL said...

Oh Ter- you should come and visit for sure--then we could stamp all night!

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